Valentine’s Day, also the day of greatest fights


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Valentine’s Day, also the day of greatest fights

Yes, the day of love leads as much to war as to lovemaking, if couples are to be believed. Presents that aren't good enough, those are are too good and even less-than-lacy lingerie - steer clear of them all today

Whoever said that the best things in life are free was clearly not in love, and wasn't banking on it to be the best thing in his life. And going by the overkill of mush that we've all been subjected to in the last few days, he was a real genius, because love demands to be displayed, and that display can't be cheap. Today is that day of display, today is the day of grand gestures, of sweeping her off her feet and practically screaming to the world that you're in love. So why is it that today is also the day most couples - the people who have found their life's purpose by finding their soulmate - almost always end up fighting? What can possibly go wrong on a day so warm and fuzzy that we suspect even Satan carries a giant red teddy bear instead of his pitchfork today?

The gift is not good enough

You knew this was coming, weren't you? It's always about the gift. Twenty-three-year-old Akshita* says, "I've been dating my boyfriend for the last three years, and we always end up fighting on Valentine's Day, and it's always about the gift. This one time, he got me a big bouquet of 73 roses, which was, at the time, the number of days we'd been together, and I admit that it was sweet, but a bouquet? Everyone gets a bouquet! My mother is a teacher in a school and her students give her a bouquet on Valentine's Day."

Sanchali*, 21, agrees, and says, "Last Valentine's Day, I cooked this elaborate meal for my boyfriend, fancy stuff, and what did he get me? Clothes and a box of chocolates. I was hurt at how little effort he put into the whole thing. I would have been happier if he'd just written a letter to me. At least that way I'd have known that he thought about it a little."

The gift is way too good

Did you know that there's such a thing as an un-toppable gift? It is what happens when your boyfriend/girlfriend gets you such an amazing gift that no amount of imagination or thought will help you top it. Akash*, 24, tells us, "Last Valentine's Day, my girlfriend got me an iPad. She told me she's been saving for it for a very long time, and as happy as I was to get it, I was also a little pissed, because there is no way you can top that. I had gotten her a bag. Imagine, a bag competing with an iPad! We had a big fight over it, she started crying, saying I never appreciate her. I realized I was being a jerk, but I didn't want to be the boyfriend who gets a stupid Valentine's Day present."

Shradha*, 25, says, "We were never the mushy, cute couple, so I never thought much about Valentine's Day. And then, last year, my boyfriend got me a diamond necklace as a gift, and I didn't know what to do because I had no present for him, not even a card. So we had a fight about this, and I yelled at him for not giving me a heads-up that we were celebrating Valentine's Day that year."

Forgetting dinner reservations

You know the worst thing you can do to your girlfriend on Valentine's Day - apart from cheating on her? Making her wait in a line outside a restaurant. Raksha*, 26, says, "I am not one of those fussy girlfriends, I'd be happy with just a rose on Valentine's Day. But last year, my boyfriend told me in the morning that he has this fancy dinner planned for me, champagne, three courses, the works, at this super expensive restaurant. I was excited, I left work early, I bought a new dress and got ready. And guess what happened when we reached that place? There was a long line outside, and we had no reservations! Turns out my boyfriend didn't think we would need reservations. I was wearing a new dress! I was so mad at him that I left and ended up eating instant noodles at home."

Celebrating with mother

OK, the moment of truth. Anyone who pretends that Valentine's Day is about love in general - love for parents, pets, books, coffee, dead poets - needs a wake-up call. If you spend any time with anyone except your girlfriend on this day, you're dead, even if that anyone gave birth to you. Samarth*, 23, says, "Last year on Valentine's Day, I had a big thing planned for my girlfriend in the evening - movie, dinner, long drive, an expensive gift. But for lunch, I thought I'd take my mother out. When I told my girlfriend that, she hung up on me. I didn't think much of it, but in the evening, she kept sulking during the movie, and when I asked her, she said she thought that it was supposed to be our day, and how could I ruin it by taking my mother out. My mother! I dropped her home after the movie, and we didn't talk for a week after that." Um, excuse us while we roll our eyes.

The lingerie isn't hot enough

While Valentine's Day is about hearts and roses for most people, for some, it's also about getting lucky. And nothing is a bigger turn-off for them than grandma undies. Armaan*, 23, says, "Last Valentine's Day, my girlfriend and I went out for dinner and then came back to my place. Things started heating up, and then I realized that she was wearing really ugly, plain lingerie. It was such a turn-off. We'd been together for close to a year, so I knew she didn't always have to wear black lacy lingerie for me, but couldn't she make an effort on Valentine's Day? I mentioned this to her and we had a huge fight over it."

Absence of expected proposal on Valentine's Day

Nothing says Valentine's Day better than a giant rock on the girl's ring finger. Which is why the absence of it can cause trouble in paradise. Preeti*, 25, was expecting to be proposed to last Valentine's Day, which is why she got angry when all she got was a new phone. "We'd been together for four years, and I actually thought he'd propose marriage on Valentine's Day, so naturally I got upset when he didn't."

Aditya*, 26, tellss, "My then-girlfriend, now-wife and I had a fight on Valentine's Day last year because I didn't propose to her then. I had been jittery and secretive for a few weeks before that and she had a hint because I was planning to propose later. But when I didn't on Valentine's Day, she thought I was cheating on her. I just didn't want to be one of those cliched boyfriends who propose on Valentine's Day, but it totally backfired."


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Dec 6, 2012
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Everyone's experiences are nice but little funny at the same time they had valid point to fight. Nice post!

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