Valentine's Day- A day to celebrate love and Affection


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May 21, 2011
Valentine's day... Well I came to know about this day when I was a teenager. We were told that Valentine's day is the day to celebrate Love a.k.a Lover's day or "Kadalar Dinam". There were many stories like guys should wear a particular color if he dint have a GF and Gals should wear a particular color for the same.. and even there were visuals in local news of how other countries celebrate valentine's day which only include the "Kissing race".

Even now I heard, nothing have changed in our country. There were protest for celebrating valentine's day and even could see some bad behaviours on "the real Lovers" who were celebrating the valentine's day..

I was also under the same impression that only Lover's celebrate Valentine's day, until I came to States. Of course, Lovers are everywhere even here who celebrates valentine's day but I also see A kid giving valentine day wishes to teachers, friends, Mom and day, A Husband celebrating valentine's day with his wife and vice versa, Grand parents wishing their Grand kids and presenting with Gifts, Friends exchanging Cards, Sisters and brothers exchanging gifts and celebrating the day.

So Its not just the Day where the opposite sex of same age group who have mutual interest celebrate, Its a celebration of Love and affection on mankind.

Well, everyone can think why a special day to appreciate Love, appreciate Dad, Mom.
My answer is Why not?

we have a day "Diwali/Halloween" Which is to celebrate a victory over bad/evil...
we have a day "Pongal/Thanksgiving" which is to appreciate and thank every one and every thing which led us where we are now...
why not valentine's day which is a pure celebration of Love and affection which drives every living things be it humans or animals.

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