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Jan 10, 2012
For brave Ben Ma'diyakrib said: I heard the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him says, "does not fill any vessel worse than his stomach, the son of Adam a few mouthfuls, it was not bound to effective, third for his food, and the third for his drink, and the third for himself." .

And ensure the Hadith number of scientific truths: a statement of damages resulting from over-eating. Impact statement, including the stomach is filled with food on the process of breathing, has become human if shortness of breath filled his stomach with food.
Including the benefit of drinking water with food, then he mentioned a story from the reality of the life of one of the doctors scientific where the lesson for those who mind and management, he said: I have been first appointed as a teacher in the Faculty of Medicine decided the benefit of drinking water with food taking talk right, "third for his food, and the third for his drink, and one-third for himself "and had noted that the benefit to myself and to my patients who now number more than half a million now. And students were by then Ieradwnni because they find in the books in their hands and taken on foreigners against it, and I insisted on my mind and go against those books.
Finally, years ago came the science of medicine itself decides what the Hadith, and recommend drinking water with food for it turned out to doctors that drinking water with meals is purported to increase the secretion of juices, all in the stomach, liver, and intestines, and helps the task of the digestive system to ease its food and drafted Kjeena implemented by the digestive juices and prevent the arrest, and I recommend that people with arrest (chronic constipation) was widely used drinking water with food.

The great Apostle whereas only one third of the same did not want to be subjected to scientific facts not known only in the twentieth century when he studied Pavlov's gastric juice when the dog when he opened his stomach and continued how digested food and secrete juices, and did not say Prophet what is going on in the stomach but only mention the remaining third of the same, as the need to digest food, and digestion is not without a stomach secretions, if full of food the stomach where digestive juices find their place?

There is the secret of another in this hadeeth, the scientists have created in the United States a new way to lose weight and by introducing a balloon into the stomach and blows a fill one-third the stomach and remains two-thirds of the stomach the other two Vargan for food, and have found it an effective way to lose weight. Is not that what brought by the Prophet (PBUH) by more than one thousand and four hundred in prayers and peace upon you, O Habibi Loya patrons O Messenger of God, who knew the whole of humanity their world and ignorant and you were not read or write it I can only tell the name of God the Merciful (and speak of passion that is only a Revelation revealed mighty in power), the great truth of God[/FONT]​

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