Vomiting after the Delivery


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Dec 2, 2011
Vomiting after the Delivery

Can you believe that a woman can have vomiting even after she had delivered her baby?

Yes…it may happen in rare cases.

The reasons may be as follows.

The hormonal changes which happened during the pregnancy, would not have to come to normalcy.

Now, since the woman is lactating her baby, the hormones would be secreting in larger amount . Due to this, she may feel like vomiting.

But these would last only for a few weeks after the delivery. Later , the woman would become normal.

Some delivered woman may face the Post par-tum blues which is a psychological fear after the delivery. To overcome this, they might have been given some medicines. For some, these medicines also may cause vomiting.

Since the delivered woman’s immunity power will be lesser, she might be affected by Urinary infections or some similar infections. Due to this, she might suffer from fever also. For very few of them, this vomiting might occur due to this.

So, to avoid all these, the lactating mother should take a balanced diet and lots of water, so that she might not get dehydrated.

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