Want to be the perfect man?


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Want to be the perfect man?

They say women can be quite a difficult lot to please, but it isn't so. All you need to do to make a lasting impression is target her heart.

Once that's done, the rest will be a relatively smoother ride. Most guys think that going overboard in the gifting department is the only way to please their lady love. Yes, gifts are good, but they pale in comparison to a real show of one's emotions and love.

The easiest way to start winning over her heart is by understanding her for the person that she is. Men often complain that it's difficult to decode a woman, but that's not true. Apart from understanding her, one also needs to bond with her on an emotional level. Women have a tendency to communicate in an indirect way, while men prefer to get straight to the point. You need to find a successful meeting point for both.

Lastly, guys, you need to keep your 'sexpectations' on the back burner for a while. While sex will definitely help deepen your bond, let it not become the focus of your relationship. Portraying that the physical connect is the only thing that matters to you isn't going to help win her over. There are numerous ways to deepen your connection with your woman. Remember these pointers...

1. Women want a sense of security and safety from their man. That doesn't necessarily mean that he has to be a new-age version of He-Man. Remember, a man of his words and more importantly, one who can take a stand, is what will attract her the most.

2. It's not just about the drop dead handsome looks or the ultra hot sex quotient or the wealth you display. Women dig guys who exuberate a sense of self-confidence and believe they can do things.

3. Trust is the most important binding factor in a relationship. Unfortunately, it cannot be bought but has to be earned. Hence, do not hesitate to put in that bit of extra effort to reassure her that she can trust you, no matter what.

4. Honour and respect her. Any woman will be more than happy to be with a guy who respects her, her tastes and opinions and also treats her with the love and tenderness she deserves. Also, a display of some old-fashioned chivalry when out on a date will do no harm.

5. Variety is the the spice of life, especially in a relationship. Forget about the tried and tested methods. Sometimes just put in a bit of extra thought and effort to doing something routine differently, whether in bed or helping her out unexpectedly in the kitchen or with household chores or even planning out a surprise evening just because you felt like pampering her.

6. Expressing feelings and emotions is not only the woman's department. Guys, you need to be just as expressive and vocal. Even if it's something as simple as telling her how that new outfit suits her perfectly or how gorgeous her hair is, go ahead and say it out loud without waiting for her to ask for your opinion.


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Jun 8, 2013
yES i SAY aLL THE ABOVE TRICKS OF CARUING AND Loving a woman will surely work to impress and win a woman :cheer:

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