Watching Harry Potter makes kids creative


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Watching Harry Potter makes kids creative

Parents who feel guilty about letting their young children watch too many fantasy movies can relax. Researchers from Lancaster University have discovered that youngsters who watch films like Harry Potter improve their imagination and creativity.

The study examined if there was a link between magical thinking and creativity in preschool children - and it found that there was.

The small-scale study involved 52 four to six-year-old children. The youngsters were split into two groups and shown two 15-minute clips from Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone. The findings show that after watching the clips, the group who watched the magical scenes in general scored "significantly better" in all areas than their peers in the other group who watches scenes without any magical content.

"Magical thinking enables children to create fantastic imaginary worlds, and in this way enhances children's capacity to view the world and act upon it from multiple perspectives. The results suggested that books and videos about magic might serve to expand children's imagination and help them to think more creatively."

Magical thinking involves believing in supernatural events like talking animals. This involves the ability to construct an alternative world and tests show that most 4 to 6 year olds think magically in everyday life.

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