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Jul 16, 2012
hi firthous,
theres no amount for a baby that is breastfeeding when it comes to water. your BM is mostly water. Its recommended not to give a baby under 12 months more than 4-6 oz of water a day no matter what they are drinking BM

give a sip or two of water with solids, sometimes that helps them digest it better.
(note:from my SIL i collected this answer)
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Jul 26, 2012
Dear Firthous, please read the following article I found in babycentre.com which may be useful for answering all your questions regarding your doubts.

When can my baby drink water?

In general, it's not a good idea to give your baby water until he's about 6 months old. Until then, he'll get all the hydration he needs from breast milk or formula, even in hot weather.
Giving a baby younger than 6 months old too much water can interfere with his body's ability to absorb the nutrients in breast milk or formula. It can also cause his tummy to feel full, which curbs his desire to feed. (While small sips of water probably won't hurt your baby, it's best to check with his doctor beforehand during those first six months.)
In rare cases, a baby who drinks too much water can develop a condition known as water intoxication, which can cause seizures and even a coma. Water intoxication happens when too much water dilutes the concentration of sodium in the body, upsetting the electrolyte balance and causing tissues to swell.
Adding too much water to your baby's formula not only risks water intoxication, it means that your baby is taking in fewer nutrients than he needs. Carefully follow the package directions for mixing powdered or concentrated formula and don't try to stretch formula by using more than the recommended amount of water.
In some instances – if your baby has gastroenteritis, for example – the doctor might advise you to give him an electrolyte drink like Pedialyte or Infalyte to help prevent dehydration.
Once your baby is 6 months old, it's okay to give him sips of water when he's thirsty. You still don't want to overdo it, though, or you might give him a tummy ache or make him too full to eat well. After his first birthday, when your baby's eating solids and drinking whole milk, you can let him drink as much water as he likes.

courtesy: babycentre.com


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Dec 6, 2012
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I started to give a spoon of water to my kids when i started semisolid food to them, at the end of 4 months. I breastfed them until two and half years still i gave a spoon of water quite often. When you give water, the child itself will show interest if he wants more. And i used to keep a seperate water sipper for my kid(s), in a particular place, so that they used to crawl and get it when they need it. You child is 9 month old and you can also do it, simply introduce your child to the sipper and show him that its only for him and he can reach it himself whenever he needs water, he will also be used to it if you show it few times. Your child is 9 months old and he can have as much water as he needs, no harm in it.

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