way to overcome jealousy


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Jul 5, 2011
way to overcome jealousy

Jealousy , ,jaundice of the soul John Dryden

Othello is a play about jealousy's causes and effects. Each character in the play had different reasons to be jealous and each of them chose to deal with it a certain way.The Othello syndrome can be highly dangerous and result in
disruption of a marriage, homicide and suicide.

In Indian Epic Mahabharatha , jealousy caused a great disaster to two related Families.

Jealousy is a common, natural ,destructive emotion. Jealousy, like most other emotions which comes from within.
Jealous is a resentful envy as of someone's success, achievements, advantages, etc.

jealousy can be unhealthy or healthy, depending on your motivation.

Unhealthy jealousy stems from fear, insecurity, deception, or covetousness

A healthy jealousy needs to be developed in family relationships. This type of jealousy is a protective fight to maintain your relationships

Jealousy and dieases.

hypertension, High blood pressure,
ulcer,,Depression, Personality disorder, Parkinson diease in some cases

Negative Effects of Jealousy

Jealousy can lead to physical and emotional distress for the person feeling it. It puts a strain on the relationship potentially distorting communication and the freedom of both partners. In extreme cases it can lead to verbal or physical abuse both within and outside the relationship.

Jealousy in Different Relationships

Jealousy occurs in romantic relationships but it can also occur in work relationships, friendships,family relationships or in almost any human interaction.

Situations where you may experience feelings of jealousy

when someone flirts with your girl
when someone achieves something that you have always wanted toachieve but didn't manage yet
when someone you hate succeeds
when someone manages to get something and you think that he doesn't deserve it

The following are possible root causes for jealousy:

1:Lack of self confidence:

The main cause for feelings of jealousy are your doubts about your abilities or skills.

2: Poor self image

Having a poor self image is another cause of jealousy.

3: Fear

One of the root causes behind feeling jealous is being afraid. This fear can be a fear of ending up alone, a fear of being rejected or a fear of losing the love of your partner.

4: Insecurity

A poor self image and lack of self confidence can result in making you Feel insecure about a relationship and this can be a strong reason that can make you jealous.

5.The intensity of jealousy differs according to the situation

If you hate someone then more probably you will feel more jealous of him of he succeeded in achieving something.

6.Jealousy and invading the private space

When someone becomes jealous he may start to invade the private space of his partner in such a way that results in relationship dissatisfaction for the one whose private space was invaded.

7. Jealousy; a friend or foe

The only thing jealousy is capable of doing is making you feel bad, ruin your relations or simply fill your heart with hatred.

Ways to cure jealousy

1: Build your self-confidence:

Building your self confidence, knowing about your points of strength and knowing for certain that you are worthy can be enough to eliminate any feelings of jealousy.

2: Fix your mental and physical self image :

Fixing your mental self image will have a great impact on your self confidence and will certainly reduce those feelings of jealousy. Your physical self image plays an important role too

3: Deal with your feelings of insecurity

If you experience jealousy in relationships then building your self-confidence and your fixing your self-image are bound to remove any feelings of insecurity you might be feeling.

4: Conquer your fears:

Whatever the kind of fear you're experiencing, dealing with your fears will help you a lot in your journey for getting over jealousy; whether it's a fear of abandonment or fear of rejection; dealing with your fears is one basic step that helps in dealing with jealousy

5: Do some external changes:

Even tough Jealousy comes from within sometimes you need to fix the external world along with fixing your inner-self. If, for example, you're jealous of someone who managed to achieve something before you did then
try to find out why he accomplished that thing and why you didn't then fix your mistakes

6: Assertiveness will help you on your way

Being assertive is the habit of communicating your feelings without being aggressive nor allowing your rights to be violated. Learning how to be assertive will certainly help you reduce jealousy because it will enable
you to stand up for your rights whenever needed

7: Control your anger

One direct result of jealousy is anger. Anger won't only make you feel bad and frustrated but it will also destroy your relations with others. On your journey to deal with jealousy make sure you know how to control and manage
your anger to avoid unwanted consequences

8.Get more information.

Most of the time we envy one quality about a person, and we presume the rest of her qualities are as perfect as the one we want. That’s usually not the case.so there ends the jealousy


I have tried it numerous times and it works.The positive effect of compliment overpower the jealousy

10. Do one thing better

I believe that if you don’t succeed at first … you keep trying… and that failure teaches us about success…
I believe that laughter is the best medicine

11. Put the ladle (and the running shoes) away.

one person’s success doesn’t rob another of success. In fact, success can often breed success.

Jealousy is a natural part of relationship which can be challenging and lead to destructive effects but if addressed it can also lead to greater intimacy, freedom and personal growth.

Best wishes,

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