Ways To Avoid Dinner Table Fights


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Ways To Avoid Dinner Table Fights

These days, working couples are too busy to find out little time to eat, sleep and even make love. However, no married couple has ever been too busy to fight! Couples still fight or rather take out time for fighting even if they have to skip their meals for it. These regular fights that are stifled all day due to work pressure break out at the dinner table when they sit down to eat peacefully.

You must avoid fights as much as you can and that is a known fact. But, you must especially avoid fights at the dinner table because they have many other implications. You do not enjoy your meal and ruin your sleep too. Here are some ways to avoid fights at dinner-time.

Ways to Avoid Fights At Dinner:
Non-dinner topic: You customise your 'To-Do' list at work so well then why do you fail so miserably in your marriage? Just like you have certain topics that you must and must not discuss in a meeting, there are topics than you should and shouldn't discuss at the dinner table. Do not talk about anything that can spark an argument. Talk about lighter aspects of the day like a joke you heard at office.

Concentrate on the food: Although couples think that dinner table is the only time to talk, that is not the case. Scientifically speaking, you should not talk at all while eating. So you need not discuss unpleasant issues at the table and end up fighting. Avoid fights by maintaining a healthy and comfortable silence while eating.

Share your plate: Remember the 'good times' in your courtship period when you used to eat from the same plate? Bring back that time. Do not make dinner such a formal affair where the two of you sit facing each other and eat like it's the President's dinner meeting. Eat more freely; it is your quality time as a couple. Do not use it as a time to fight.

Do away with the dinner table: It seems that the table at which you sit and eat is the cause of all the trouble. When it is just the two of you, you need not enjoy an elaborate dinner at the table. Sit and eat dinner wherever you like. You can eat at the centre table, couch or sitting on a bean bag. Watch television huddled-up on the couch as you eat dinner from the same plate.

Family time with kids: If you have kids, then the earlier option is not viable for you. But, fighting in front of your kids is not the best option either. Dinner time should be shared as family time; it should be the time when you plan your next vacation or outing.

These are some of the ideas that can help avoid fights at dinner. Do you have any other creative suggestions?

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