Ways to beat holiday weight gain


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Ways to beat holiday weight gain

Just when you've finally managed to get your weight under control, boom comes the holiday season. We can't blame you for a li'l indulgence. We will tell you ways to get rid of the excess weight. All you have to have is focus and discipline. Happy Working Out!

The few weeks filled with holiday feasting and no work-out regime become a dire threat to your increasing waistline. Wellness expert Namita Jain says, "Most people find it very difficult to get back into their strict exercise and diet right after the holidays. But it is crucial to motivate yourself to exercise to get back into shape."

The hardest part about exercise is getting started. So, make your fitness programme fail-proof with this simple DIY guide.

Go easy
It is important to start with a routine which is easier. Since getting back to strenuous working out is difficult, starting on a simpler one will boost your confidence. Start going to the gym four to five times a week and concentrate more on cardio than weights.

Try and bring fun elements to your work-out regime. Include rope jumps or hula hoop in between your work-out to make it interesting. If you find it boring to do the same exercises every day, change your routine. Take a walk, cycle or go for a swim.

Stress buster
Stress plays a huge role in gaining weight during the holidays. Excess stress hormones in the body encourage the storage of fat. Find something that you enjoy doing. Practice yoga or meditation. If you find it difficult to gym for an hour or 45 minutes at a stretch, make your resolution more attainable by devoting just about half an hour daily.

Get enough sleep
Sleep is a must. Sleep deprivation leads to several hormonal problems, one of them being weight gain. When you are tired, unhappy or dissatisfied, you tend to eat more and exercise less. Experts say that when you are not well rested, you don't want to move and that essentially leads to fewer calories burnt.

Eat healthy
Foods that are loaded with carbohydrates are a major source of problem. Not only does it play havoc on your blood sugar level, but also produces insulin which triggers weight gain in your body. Jain says, "Include fibre in your diet. Fibre fills you up and helps you lose weight. Good choices are veggies, fruits, whole grain cereals, unpolished rice and whole grain bread."

Stay hydrated
Drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Also consume high water content fruits like watermelon, oranges, pineapples, tomatoes and cucumber which help in the reduction of weight.

Plan your work-out
Fitness expert John Golster says, "The best way to reduce holiday weight gain is to stimulate the metabolic rate and start exercising to burn the stored fats. This can be achieved with a combination of diet control and cardiovascular exercise."

The key to getting back to your fitness regime is to make small but positive changes. Eating smaller meals more often than three meals a day boosts the metabolism in your body which helps you lose weight faster.

"If you find it difficult to get back to your original work-out routine, start with cardio exercises first. As you get more established into the regime, you can gradually incorporate weights in combination with cardiovascular exercises to increase the effect," adds Golster.

Fitness experts advise to start with a combination of floor-based exercises like hip bridging, leg lowering and raises, mat-based pilates, abdominal exercises as well as steps and stair drills. Lunge walking and sumo squat exercises are also a great way to tone up the buttocks and thighs. You can also include surya namaskars into your daily cardiovascular exercise to tone specific areas in your body.

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