Ways to break the news of your pregnancy


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Jul 5, 2011
Ways to break the news of your pregnancy

Expecting a baby is big news not only for the mom-to-be but also her loved ones.

The announcement of this news should be done in a way that it becomes the most unforgettable moment of everyone's life. Here are a few creative ways of sharing the big news

Expecting your own baby or adopting one is a happy and memorable one. When your child grows up, you can show him/her how happy everyone was to welcome him/her into the family. So the way you make the announcement of your pregnancy matters a lot in creating lifelong memories.

1. Let your kid do the honors
Buy or make a tee for your firstborn with the message, "I am going to be a big sister (or brother)." Let your child wear that t-shirt to the next family gathering and see the reaction on everyone's faces as the secret is gradually revealed. Some might be surprise, some confused and the rest curious. Involving your child in the process of announcing the good news will make him/her feel good and not left out. If you do not have a firstborn yet, let your pet break the news. Give your pet a signboard to hold in their mouth or hang on their neck that reads something like "All set to welcome my sibling in the next 9 months!". While doing this make sure your family understands that the signboard is talking about a human baby and not another puppy!

2. Put a bun in the oven
The next time you're hosting a party for your friends or family, literally put a bun in your oven. Invite them into the kitchen to see what you're cooking for dinner. With your partner by your side, say something like, "Look what we're cooking!". There are chances your guests may not get the word play and it may be a little awkward for you. But try and give them hints so that they can understand the term "bun in the oven".

3. Say it through your wedding album
This idea is for people who do not wish to wait long after the wedding to become parents. Usually albums aren't ready immediately after the wedding and take some time to get ready. And even if it is ready, you can keep telling people it is still in process. And once the album is ready, paste a snapshot of your positive pregnancy test onto the last page of your wedding photo album. Once this is done, ask your loved ones to look through the album with you. When they reach the end, you'll be able to see the joy on their face!

4. Father's day surprise
If you find out you're pregnant with your firstborn around Father's Day, then this is the perfect idea for you! Plan a family get together on Father's day and hand your partner a Father's Day card. He and others around may be a little confused. You can also add a picture of the positive pregnancy test inside the card.

5. Capture the moment in a picture
Want a photo that you and your family can cherish forever? At your next family gathering, tell everyone to get together for a picture. Once everyone is ready with a pose and smiling say, "I am pregnant" or "I am going to have a baby". Immediately snap the picture once the announcement is made. It will end up being one of the best pictures!


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Jul 26, 2012
Very interesting ways of announcing regarding the pregnancy to the near and dear. it will be of great help to our members. thanks vijigermany

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