Ways to Control Blood Pressure


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Jul 9, 2015
Have your blood pressure checked regularly. Your primary care physician can tell you how often.

Stop smoking.
Avoid excessive salt intake.
Eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, and foods high in fiber...and less fat.

Pick potatoes Loading up on potassium-rich fruits and vegetables is an important part of any blood pressure–lowering program.Top sources of potassium-rich produce to achieve low blood pressure include sweet potatoes, tomatoes, orange juice, potatoes, bananas, kidney beans, peas, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, and dried fruits such as prunes and raisins .

Reduce stress on and off the job; master relaxation techniques.

Be moderate in your drinking.

Exercise regularly, and keep your weight within normal limits.
Keep your mind calm
Should not take things to heart

Indulge in Dark Chocolate ,as Dark chocolate varieties contain flavanols that make blood vessels more elastic and increase the chances of low blood pressure

Avoid drinking Coffee as Caffeine can raise blood pressure by tightening blood vessels and by magnifying the effects of stress.When you're under stress, your heart starts pumping a lot more blood, boosting blood pressure,And caffeine exaggerates that effect.

Make it a point that you sit in a peaceful environment or in your room, close your eyes and feel your inner self... if you know meditation you can

Black salt / rock salt is considered to be better than sea salt. So opt for that wherever possible.

If your doctor prescribes medication to lower your blood pressure, be sure to follow his or her directions exactly.
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