Ways to deal with ill temper child


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Jul 5, 2011
Ways to deal with ill temper child

Some children often have tantrums to prove that they're grownup and dislike being given directions by adults. You know your child has a full-blown temper when he/she cries excessively, screams and even at times hurt themselves. Curb your child's tantrum by handling it the right way.

Stick to a plan
It is important that parents stick to certain ground rules. If your child knows beforehand that certain things are not acceptable by you, they will never try crossing paths with you regarding the same. Also, always make sure you have a solid reason for your decision. Don't just state it in order to be authoritative.

Don't mock, yell or hit
Showing that you have authority by screaming at them or beating them up will just do no good. Some parents also replicate the behaviour of their child, thus giving them opportunity to throw more tantrums. Don't respond to their bad behaviour, they will know you're paying attention and will increase their tantrum.

Persistence is the key
Never feel sorry for not meeting the demands of your child. It is important to realise that it is about fulfiling your child's needs more than their wants. Trust us, your child will be thankful for this when they become matured.

Explain the situation later
Once your child is back to normal and has cooled down, make them understand that having tantrums is not a good behaviour, especially for children. Get your child to listen to what you have to say. Do talk to them in a calm manner and treat them with love and affection


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May 28, 2011
very useful thread viji.....porumayoda avangalai handle panna vendumnu solreenga....let me try....

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