ways to deal with Toxic partner


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
ways to deal with Toxic partner

If you feel mentally, emotionally and financially exhausted when you are with them, then it's time to find out if you should let go or hold on. dysfunctional relationships that could be killing you softly.

The image of a blood sucking vampire evokes thrill and terror, and this deadly combination, though lethal is still attractive to many, and is probably one of the main reasons why vampire romances have become all the rage in recent times. However, you don't always have to step outside to encounter a blood sucking vampire on the prowl, for he or she may be right by your side, killing you softly with toxic love.

Is your partner a vampire who is draining you emotionally?
Toxic people can be like vampires draining your energy. As a result, you end up feeling mentally, emotionally and financially exhausted around them. "Any relationship that is less than nurturing for the partners involved can be termed as toxic. Sometimes, the effects of such a relationship are not obvious, and it takes time for the people involved to realise that there is a problem and they are in a dysfunctional relationship."

But awareness is not the only way out. Having the courage to walk away when things get bad is crucial, one patient narrats "I was being emotionally blackmailed into staying in a toxic relationship for the longest time by my ex. While he threatened to commit suicide if I left him, his mother promised to press charges against me if anything happened to her son. I was confused and did not know what to do. Insecure about my future and helpless because I did not have the courage to walk away from something that was killing me softly."

Signs to determine if your relationship is toxic

You know you are in a dysfunctional relationship when:

You feel angry all the time
or are fearful,
stressed and exasperated whenever you are with your partner.
and a feeling of inadequacy
are what you experience on a daily basis.

Dysfunctional relationships are detrimental to your well-being
"Generally toxic people are plagued with low self esteem and a feeling of inadequacy stemming from insecurities. In some cases, they have been victims of toxic relationships themselves.
Purge the poison before it kills you "There are different reasons why people are negative, the key is to realise when its taking a toll on you and your relationship and to fix it immediately."

ways to deal with toxic partners
1. Stay away from drama queens: Toxic partners often try to use your sympathy for them against you. Don't let them draw you in, with their sob stories. Look at things from different angles and avoid taking whatever they say at face value.

2. Learn to say no: It's okay to put yourself in someone else's shoes at times. However, it's also important to stand up for yourself and to put your foot down when required.

3. Don't let them get to you: Difficult and negative people have toxic things to say about everything and to everyone. So take what they say with a pinch of salt.

4. Stay positive: This is hard to do when you are constantly surrounded by negative vibes, but it's essential that you stay positive for your emotional and physical well-being.

5. Take walks in the park or garden: Instead of reacting to a comment or a remark in anger, leave the room and mull over it as you take a walk in the park. It will give you a clearer perspective and also lift your spirits.

6. Watch yourself: Sometimes people are negative towards you because of non-verbal cues that you send out. Avoid rolling your eyes or shaking your head in disagreement as it makes the person uncomfortable.

7. Avoid judging the person , observe them, and don't let your ego come in between.

8 Walk away, if you need to If all else fails , walk away from the relationship if that's what it comes to.

9. Ask yourself probing questions: If you feel there is a disturbing pattern, where you get into bad relationships, examine why that happens.

10 Approach a counsellor Seek answers to questions like why do you attract toxic partners? Do you have low self esteem? Do you know what are the qualities you want in a potential partner? What is it you are looking for in your relationship?

take care , Life is to live.

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