Ways To Dry Nail Polish Quickly


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Jun 8, 2011
We love to adore our painted nails. How classy your slender fingers look after you apply nail paint on the them carefully? But the long period of time you spend to dry your nail paint is very bugging. You could be either a busy working woman or a busy homemaker. You could also be an impatient college student but the thing that is common among all women is that they hate to wait for their nail polish to dry.

Fidgeting with a wet coat of nail paint can ruin your nail colour. This will be a waste of all the time you spent apply the nail piant carefully. Don't waste you time and energy waiting for your nail paint dry when you have so many better things to do. Try these easy ways to dry nail polish faster.

Ways to Dry Nail Polish Faster:

1. Shake Up The Bottle: The first step to dry to your nail paint faster depends on how you apply it. Nail polish thickens when the bottle is left alone for days. Shake it up to mix the colour balls with the acetone and get a thinner consistency of nail paint for application.

2. One Coat At A Time: This point also relates to how to apply the nail paint in the first place. If we are using a light coloured nail paint like white or peach, we tend to apply 2 to 3 coats together to get the perfect shade. Now 3 layers of nail paint is not going to dry any time soon. It will take much lesser time to dry the nail polish if you apply one coat at a time, wait for it to dry and then apply another coat.

3. Other Uses Of Hair Dryers: Most of us are not aware of the full potential of the hair dryer as a household electronic appliance. Why do you open the windows when you apply fresh paint on your walls? It is because air helps absorb moisture and dry up the paint faster. In the same way, a jet of warm air coming from the hair dryer will dry up your nail paint quickly.

4. Cold Water: Most of us have this irritating habit to touch our painted nails to see if they are dry. Instead of touching the wet paint and leaving finger impressions on it, dip your fingers in cold water. The cold water fixes the nail polish and guess what, it leaves no visible marks on your painted nails.


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