ways to enjoy pregnency


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Jul 5, 2011
ways to enjoy pregnency

The minute most women discover that they are pregnant; they go into an overdrive of trying to acquire as much information as possible on what to do in the months ahead. When a firsttime mother found out she was expecting, the first place is to hit bookstores with a vengeance. "she was eager to know what she was supposed to do. Almost all the books she picked up told her about dieting, what to eat, what not to eat, how to take care of herself medically, be positive in her attitude, etc.

None however, told her how to mentally and emotionally prepare her self for this
monumental experience in her life. Nothing on how to keep happy with a hundred doubts and insecurities about being able to handle motherhood."

From Womanhood to Motherhood, based on ones r personal experience and the information one gathered on how to emotionally and mentally be ready for motherhood.

Here are a few key points , that can come handy when you're done reading What To Expect

When You're Expecting-

Thought process
We no longer live in a world where babies just happen. It's usually a very planned event, and according to studies, a planned baby is always more welcome than an unplanned preg nancy. Whatever the case may be, it's always good to be prepared for parenthood from the get go. Our lives these days are filled with stress, anxiety and hectic routines. So a new baby that's going to demand a lot of time and attention needs careful evaluation. Nothing is worse than being an
irresponsible parent. Plan for it, physically and mentally.

The child's health to a great extent depends on the health of its parents before conception. The man's health is just as important as the woman's. Hence if you're planning for a baby, ensure you
both avoid smoking, drinking, eat healthy and exercise at least six months prior to conception.

Right influences
With the internet, all sorts of information is just a click away. While a lot of literature is available on pregnancy, it needn't all necessarily be helpful. One should pick up books that give information on basic dos and don'ts during pregnancy.

But people seem to have a strange obsession on scouting for information on child diseases, fatalities during child birth and other health problems. While these are extremely important to know, dwelling on them and preparing for the worst when it
hasn't even happened, takes an emotional toll on the mind. By thinking of negative events, we send negative vibrations to the mind and that's counter productive. On the other hand, try reading literature that's encouraging, positive and that helps you look forward to the arrival of your babywith joy and excitement.

Mental makeup
We are all aware about what is going on in our conscious mind but what we attract in our lives, the successes we are likely to achieve, the fulfillment of our dreams, desire, wishes, everything is driven by what is going on in our subconscious minds. The thoughts in our subconscious mind get transferred to the child in the womb.

In other words, it influence how the baby is going to be, that is, happy, contended, cranky, sad, moody, loner, friendly, etc. Hence feeding the right emotion to your subconscious mind is crucial for the temperament of your unborn child. It's a myth that one should turn into a couch potato after testing positive. Getting into a pampering mode is going to make you weak. Keep yourself busy with things you enjoy doing such as reading, exercising. An idle mind is a direct invitation for negative thoughts like depression, nervousness and unnecessary tensions.

Stay positive
You can be happy if you decide to. It's that simple. Your mental state of happiness will help you deal with your pregnancy with ease. Think of it this way, countless women do such a wonderful job at raising children. Why won't you be able to do it? Soak in and enjoy all the attention you get at work and at home, especially by your partner.

The key here is to celebrate yourself and your body, and this special time in your life. Accept your whole being completely by being aware about
what's going on within you. To share a healthy loving relationship with your child, it's essential that you feel in love with yourself. Pregnancy is a time when you are preparing for a lot of things. Don't forget to focus on yourself as well so that you can pass that on to the baby. Be comfortable with yourself and accept your and your partner's imperfections. Be aware of how you're feeling and have
complete faith in your capabilities.

Take it easy
A lot of women get stressed out during their pregnancy trying to keep up with their mental image of the perfect pregnancy, perfect health, sleep, doctor, environment, hospital, etc. While trying to get these in order can be a task, one ends up creating unnecessary anxieties and harmful stress.

All you really need to do is take it easy on the stress.Things will work themselves out. Slow down and don't bother yourself by standards of perfection laid down by others. Take care of yourself most definitely, but don't let things get to you.

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