ways to enjoy the Festivals


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Jul 5, 2011
ways to enjoy the Festivals

The holiday season is all about fun and festive cheer. At least, it is supposed to be.

Unfortunately, there's a whole lot of stress that comes with the countdown to Christmas and New Year - planning, shopping, a tearing hurry to meet deadlines before vacations, and soaring budgets. And in all this madness, the true essence of celebrations are forgotten. So to feel more like a holiday Elf and less like the Grinch who hates Christmas, follow these tips in mind and watch the holiday stress fade away into oblivion.

Music therapy

Nothing puts you in the holiday mood like festive music. In all the chaos, a little musical reminder of the festival's true spirit can work wonders for your stress issues. Try free music services such as Pandora and Spotify to compile playlists with Christmas music to lighten the mood while you work. So plug in and get transported into the cheery world of Christmas carols to beat stress.

Time out

If you're feeling the heat of too much planning and no results, you need to apply those brakes and slow sown. Remember, you can only be in one place at a time and do just one thing at a time. Make some alone time to recollect your thoughts and pull yourself together. A cluttered mind only makes tasks seem harder than they are. So, go for a walk, get pampered at a spa, read a book or justwatch a funny movie. By recharging those batteries, you will find the long 'to do' list so much less intimidating.

Just have fun

Don't forget that the whole point of the holidays is to have a good time. Instead of fretting about what you will wear for Christmas or New Year or what to buy as gifts, make the whole process a fun exercise. Catch up with friends, who also might be in the same conundrum, and enjoy a shopping day out. Start off with ticking stuff off the shopping list for yourself, splurge in something you love and then head for a lazy lunch. Once your mood is on the cheerier side, the gift shopping bit won't seem so daunting. And with your friends around, nothing is a task and you will end up having a ball. If you happen to be stuck at work, feeling the holiday stress and blues, check out some fun Christmas Apps. Upload pictures of your colleagues and create funny 'Elf Yourself.' videos. It's hard not to laugh!

Hit the snooze button

It is proven that sleep deprivation is a major cause of stress during festive season. So take a break from all the noise and retreat to your bedroom early everyday. And when you wake up, those stressful hours become a thing of your dreams.

Lose the expectations

If you are fretting about the big day, don't forget one simple rule - no celebration is perfect. Things are bound to not go as planned. So, be prepared and stop dreaming of an idealistic perfect party. A burnt meal, not-so-yummy cake won't ruin your day. It might just create a funny family memory. Joy lies in the simple things and not grand gestures. Make those moments count. When your expense list is running longer than your budget, slow down and tell yourself that family is what counts and not some fancy decorations or gifts.
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Apr 4, 2011
nice article....viji sis....

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