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Jul 5, 2011
Does your shoe fit you right?

Before you splurge on that expensive pair of shoes, see if it's a perfect fit for you

We often end up branding high heels to be the 'bad shoes', but that isn't true. How good or bad a particular pair of shoe is, depends on your foot too. Yes, wearing heels does cause foot pain, but that isn't the only reason. Choosing a pair of shoes goes a long way in making sure that you don't cause your feet any long term damage. To know what kind of shoes to avoid, it's necessary to understand the kind of arch your foot has.

Here's how you can determine your foot arch:

Take a piece if paper and place it on the ground. Dip your foot in water and then place it on the sheet of paper while sitting on a chair. Repeat the process with your other foot. Now take a look at the footprint and determine what kind of arch it is.

High arches :

Those who have high arches should go for shoes with plenty of cushioning. Don't buy shoes that have hard soles or thin soles.

Flat feet or low arches :

People who have flat feet should go for shoes that are well supported and firm with less heels as their body tends to rotate towards the ball of your feet. Don't go for shoes that have high heels.

The neutral arch :

Those who fall in the in between category can go for most shoes. Just make sure that you are comfortable with a particular pair of shoes before buying it.

Why heels are bad for you :

Heels can cause change in the shape of your foot. Not only can that prolonged use of heels lead to knee pain, back pain and foot problems. Lesser heel ensures that you distribute the pressure on your foot evenly.

Avoid shoes that...

Don't fit properly : Sometimes we tend to pick up shoes that look great even though they don't really fit us. However, the long-term damage that they cause cannot be understood immediately. Remember that most brands have different sizes and don't buy shoes as per the size.

Worn out shoes : Shoes that feel even slightly off balance are bad for your feet. Don't try to make your shoes last for years at end. You don't need to splurge on shoes, but getting yourself a new pair every six months isn't a bad idea. This could be an ideal way to avoid the pain and ache that's caused by bad footwear.

Watch out for these while shopping for shoes:

- If you have never measured your feet, this is the time to get your size checked. Also both feet aren't of the same size always, so make sure you measure both your feet.
- Don't shop for shoes in the morning. After an entire day's wear and tear, your feet swell during the evening, that's the right time to buy shoes, especially heels.
- Don't let anyone talk you into buying shoes that don't fit well. They may look good, but they will eventually give you more grief than pleasure.
- Make sure that you don't pick up your shoes in a hurry. Try them on and walk around for a bit. Don't try the shoe on your feet and pack it.

Most popular heels

Ankle straps : It can have one or multiple strap around the ankle. The strap can be made of leather or any other material.

Stiletto heels : Stilettos refer to thin and pointy heels. The heels can be as high as six inches.

Ballerina shoes : Ballerina shoes are also known as ballet flats. They are shaped somewhat like a slipper and can have a bow or some such embellishment.

Kitten heels : The heel are smaller. These shoes are comfortable and also give you that extra height.

French Heels : French heels are shoes with a medium height.

Pumps : Pumps don't have any fastenings and are low cut.

Peep toes : These show a part of the toes. The opening of the shoe is small and rounded or wedge shaped.
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