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May 5, 2014

It is really hard nowadays to maintain skin in good condition inspite of the availability of junk foods, pollution and chemical skin care products. Here are few ways to get good radiant skin.

Im really excited yo share these tips bcoz i have cristal clear skin and havent even got a pimple on my past 25 years. I have little oily skin and it turns into dry during winter. So i am sharing what i do to my skin during summer and winter as well. I will be very happy if anyone find this post useful.

Ok here are few tips i follow generally during summer and winter.

1. Never use sulphate face washes. Yes, i have tried ponds face wash and dove face wash. But my skin dries out after sometime and it loses its supple nature. I prefer khadhi face neem and tulsi face wash.

2. Wash face immediately after returning home. Dont feel lazy to wash ur face. It will clogg the pores in ur face and make the oil from sebum to stay under ur face. Result is PIMPLE.

3. If you have time, before washing your face in morning, clean ur face with cotton dipped in rosewater. It will make ur sjin feel fresh.

4. This is another way to get rid of darkest spots in ur skin. Believe me. When i was suffering from chickenpox, i got lot of dark spots in my face. I thought it will never go off my face. But a home made face pack made my skin clear.

Pachai payaru - 1/4 cup. Soak it in water overnight.
Next day morning, drain the water and grind it into paste along with lots of neem leaves and turmeric powder.
Apply it on ur face. Wait till it dries naturally. When u feel it is dried completly, wash ur face.

I am free from all the dark spots now.
Apply thus face pack once in two days. It will hardly take 30 minutes to dry. Wont u spend 30 min to get spots free beautiful face??

To follow in summer

1. Wash face atleast thrice with herbal face wash.

2. Do not rely on fairness cream. No cream can change natural conplexion of our face. Instead have strawberry juice or shake or have it raw. It improves ur complexion from within.

3. I never use creams during summer. Since mine is normal skin, if i apply cream it will become more oily.

4. But i use sfp15 creams to protect myself from sun. That too if i dont wear protection for my face.

5. Drinking more water will hydrate ur skin.

During winter

1. Wash face during morning and evening. Dont wash face often during winter. Ur skin will already be craving for moisture, if u wash it even the little oil will go off making it too dry.

2. Try lacto calamine. During daytime. It is available for dry, normal, oily skin types.

3. During night, wash ur face before going to bed.
Apply garnier 24 hours moisturisibg lotion with grapeseed oil to ur face. U will be wondered to touch ur face next day morning even after washing ur face. It will provide a lot of moisture to ur skin.

Very dry to normal skin people can try this. People having oily skin , better avoid this treatment. It will make ur skin more oily as it provides lot of moisture.

Hope these tips will help.

Apart from this try to avoid junk foods. Even if u dont cheat ur tastebuds, drink more glasses of water and have green tea in mornib in empty stomach to get rid of the oil from ur body.

Have more fruit juices. Strawberry, watermelon, banana, apple, moosambi, lemon tastes great in juice form.

These will make ur skin glow radiant.

All the best


Ruler's of Penmai
Registered User
Jul 26, 2012
Hi Krithi, really wonderful tips you have given for maintaining good radiant skin!!!! Thank you!


Citizen's of Penmai
Nov 14, 2013
Superb tips...

Thanks for sharing...!

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