Ways To Grow Eyelashes Naturally


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Ways To Grow Eyelashes Naturally

Eyelashes are hair that grow from the tip of the eyelids. These eyelashes protect the eyes from dust particles that enter the eyes. Eyelashes make your eyes look more attractive. Many women prefer wearing long fake eyelashes to flaunt their big eyes and define it beautifully on their faces. But why go for artificial attachments when you can grow eyelashes naturally?

Yes! You can grow and shape your eyelashes at home and not wear those fake long lashes anymore. A good eyelash growth is one where your lashes not only grow longer, but thicker too! Check out few ways to increase eyelashes growth naturally.

Castor oil: This is one of the most effective natural remedies to increase the growth of eyelashes. Just apply castor oil regularly before going to bed. You can also use warm castor oil. Apply for two months and see the increase of hair in the eyelashes. Regular usage of castor oil gives your eyelashes a very healthy look.

Vitamin E oil: Use a clean eye lash brush to increase hair growth naturally. Dip it into a bottle of vitamin E oil and apply it daily on your eyelashes. You can even crush tablets into a fine paste and then mix with oil. Vitamin E is known for its soothing properties and, it even reduces irritation and itching on the eyelashes. Regular usage reduces hair shedding and promotes new hair growth. Vitamin E capsules are available in any drug store or pharmacy, liquid oil or moisturizing sticks.

Brush: We brush our hair regularly to exercise the scalp. Similarly, the eyelashes need to be brushed on a daily basis as well. Make sure you clean the brush regularly and be gentle with your strokes. You can use small combs, or mascara brushes. Dip in natural oils for best results. Make sure you brush your lashes at least twice a day.

Vaseline: Vaseline is a good substitute for castor oil or vitamin oil. Apply vaseline on your eyelashes and eyelid before you go to bed at night and gently rub it off with warm water in the morning. If you forget to wash it off, you will be left with a sticky sensation throughout the day.

Gently remove makeup: Always remove makeup at night. Make sure you gently wipe of the make up with a clean cotton ball. Soak cotton in make up removal lotions or plain face cream. Make sure you do not tug at your eyelashes while cleaning because they come off very easily.

Have a protein diet: A healthy body will automatically will help get luscious eyelashes. Your skin, hair, nails and yes, even your eyelashes require protein in your daily diet to grow well. Fish, meat, cereals, pulses, nuts and even protein supplements should be regularly included in your meals.

We all love the dramatic effect that long, thick lashes give us. But this task requires a lot of patience. You need to be regular with your routine but the effects will be worth waiting for!
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