ways To Handle High Maintenance Wife


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
ways To Handle High Maintenance Wife

A high maintenance wife is like particularly painful pimple; if you prick it you will bleed and if you don't then you live in agony. The most painful of pimples subside but your wife problems will not end until and unless you learn a few tricks. The idea is not to control your wife but control her expenses or expenditure. You would say, what can a man do to stop his wife from spending? Its unmanly and it will prove that incapable of maintaining her; a successful man is one who earns more than his wife spends.

Here are some ways to handle a high maintenance wife without substantially increasing your income.

Tips To Deal With High Maintenance Wife:

  • Start Spending More Than Her: She has been splurging your money on clothes, cosmetics, accessories or whatever catches her fancy. Its pay back time; you retaliate by buying all the things that you have always wanted. As soon as you get your salary go binge shopping on high end gadgets. You should blow away the money before she can. If she is smart then she will realise that a message is being given. You have nothing to lose because your wife has problems of overspending anyway.

  • Keep Her Too Busy To Shop: Pamper her with your love and time, not your money. May be your wife has become high maintenance because you do not give her time. Go for dinners, movies, drives together. Meet her for lunch in the middle of the day or surprise her with flowers. She will be off the shopping malls for a while.

  • Work So Hard That She Gets None Of Your Time: If that doesn't work then give her no time at all. Put all your energy into work. Take calls from home, bring office work to your house and increase your work timings so much so that you have no time to even talk to her. When your wife starts having issues tell her politely that you are doing all this to provide for her. She will get the message.

  • Blame It On The Kids: Do you have kids? If you don't then plan to have some. Kids can solve a lot of marriage problems including the over spending problems of your wife. You cannot tell her to save for you but for the kids she will save by herself. If she is particularly tactless and irresponsible then you might have to talk her into it but either ways you will be able to curb the cash outflow from your bank account.

  • Push Her To Work: To control your wife's spending you can encourage your wife to start working or go back to work. When she starts earning herself she will realise the value of money and you will also get the extra cash.

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