Ways To Increase Hair Growth In Kids


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Ways To Increase Hair Growth In Kids

A child's hair increase by a quarter inch every month. The hair grows out of follicles for 3-6 years and then it falls out after rest phase ( a phase that lasts for 2-3 months). During this phase, the hair loss is a common problem among kids. Various factors affects the hair growth of your kid. To increase the hair growth of your child, here are few easy ways.

Proper food- Hair growth can be increased in children by including nutritious food in the diet list of your kids. Replace junk burgers with whole grain bread, soft drinks with juices and water. Include vitamin A and C rich foods such as green vegetables, oranges and other citrus fruits to their diet.

Protein- Give eggs for breakfast as this dairy product is rich in amino acids and L-cysteine that promotes the growth of new hair follicles. These proteins also reduce the chances of entering the rest phase. Include meat, fish, milk, eggs and nuts to supply sufficient protein to promote growth of scalp glands in your kids.

Omega-3 fatty acids- Increase the consumption of omega-3 fatty acid in your kids diet. Replace trans fat with healthy fatty acids. Give fish, salmon, almonds to supply sufficient amount of omega-3 fatty acid.

Iron and zinc supply- To improve the hair growth of your kid, increase the intake of zinc and iron in their diet. Kids hate to eat green vegetables but, you cannot compromise with the supplement of nutrients. Try different ways to include these vegetables in your kids diet.

Apart from including these foods in the kids diet, keep the scalp and hair clean. Wash when the hair becomes dirty. Do not forget to apply oil before hair wash and condition after hair wash. After a hair wash, gently rub the excess water from the hair. Do not blow dry or rub the hair roughly with a towel. Let the hair dry naturally.

Teach your kid the proper technique to brush their hair. Use a wide tooth comb or brush. Bristle brush are great for kids. This brush spreads essential hair oils from the scalp to the hair. Also, drinking sufficient amount of water strengthens the hair root and improves blood circulation to the brain.

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