ways to increase your attraction quotient


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Jul 5, 2011
ways to increase your attraction quotient

We list must have traits that make you attractive in the eyes of your beholder

Beauty is skin deep, but your charming personality can go a long way in wining over admirers.

We list a few traits that can add that extra bit to your persona.

A good sense of humour:

You have heard it time and again, and we would still like to reiterate no one can resist someone who makes them smile and laugh a lot. You don't have to be a clown by profession or crack pjs every passing second, but showing your witty side at times can break ice in difficult situations and win people over.

Being affectionate:

Putting someone's else interests before yours at times is a good option. While often we end up putting I, me, myself before everything else, taking the time to consider someone's else's needs for a change is never a bad idea.


At a time when trust is fleeting and relationships break every second day because of lies and mistrust, having someone you can trust and who will stand by you just makes life worth living.

Good communication:

In the age of social networking sites and cellphones, when you can reach anyone at anytime, it's surprising that people simply don't know how to communicate with each other. Good communication skills can go a long way in making or breaking a relationship.

Practical outlook to life:

Having a partner who lives in a dreamworld can be appealing initially but sooner or later that can get on your nerves so a practical outlook to live is always a better option.

In fact a new UK study conducted by a website also lists traits that people can't stand in their partner. These are

1. Lying

2. Cheating

3. Rudeness

4. Poor hygiene
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