ways To Lose Face Fat At Home


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Jul 5, 2011
ways To Lose Face Fat At Home

Gone are the days when chubby cheeks looked nice, now it is the time of the size zeroes. Ask any teen and she will say she wants highlighted cheek bones and a 'no double chin' face. Take a look at how to lose the face fat simple ways. Follow these tips and your face will be free from cheek and chin fat.

Water retention, lack of proper diet, exercise and rest can be causes for the chubby look. First observe your face properly to confirm whether you have double chin or is it the extended look. You can seek your doctor's suggestion on this. Sometimes having a double chin may be hereditary so observation is important.

To Lose Face Fat, You Need To

Change your diet by eating fiber rich vegetables and fruits, drink good water, cut down alcohol and exercise daily. Here are few exercises that can help you reduce face fat.

1. Tilt your head to the right putting all the pressure on the back of your head. You can also use hand to apply as much pressure as possible (until pain) and do it everytime you feel free. Also try tilting left. The exercise will help you reduce the cheek fat as well as double chin.

2. To lose face fat you can raise the chin upwards and try to be in the position until count 15. This will help you reduce double chin.

3. Opening mouth wide open and pushing the lower jaw upwards and forward will also help you lose face fat. Repeat at least 4 to 5 times daily for good results.

4. Massaging skin by placing thumb on the jawline and stressing the nodes and points on neck and chin with the help of fingers will inprove blood circulation and prevent the lymphatic system to sag. Use a toner daily to firm the stretched skin.
Jun 25, 2012
Hai guys
Yes you are absolutely right, today every one want to become see in zero size only.
To lose the fat in our face we have to do some face exercise then we can loose the some excessive fat.
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