Ways To Manage Weight During Pregnancy


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Jul 5, 2011
Ways To Manage Weight During Pregnancy

All women put on weight during pregnancy. The idea is to not put on extra weight. The amount of weight you put on during your prenatal stage will impact how much time and effort you need to lose weight after delivery. For this you need to follow a strict pregnancy diet and we aware of the vital facts about how much weight you gain by the week during pregnancy.

Here are some ways to monitor your weight during pregnancy and making sure that you do not bloat up unnecessarily.

Ways To Manage Pregnancy Weight:

Pregnancy Weight Gain By Week: You need to know exactly how much weight you will have to put on every week during your pregnancy. This helps you spread out your weight gain throughout your pregnancy. Do not have a total figure like 10 kgs or 12 kgs in mind. If you do then you will plan your pregnancy diet according to this final figure and not the weekly figure.

Weight Gain Tracker: You need to have a chart where you have three columns. The columns will mention the week of pregnancy, the expected weight gain and the amount of weight you have gained actually. Usually your doctor's office will give you a similar chart but if they don't, make it yourself. One look at this chart at any point of time will tell you know whether you are overweight, underweight or normal.

How Much More To Eat: When we say that a pregnant woman needs to 'eat for two', most women interpret it literally. You need to eat twice the nutrients but not necessarily, twice the amount of food. Factually speaking, you need just 300 extra calories in a day when you are pregnant. So, cut down on the energy rich carbs and eat healthy nutritious food.

Plan Your Diet: Avoid foods that fills your stomach and has little nutritional value for example rice or pasta. Instead go for greens, veggies, eggs, boiled chicken etc. All these foods are good for a light snack. You need to keep the food light because you need to eat at short interval of every two hours. Have all the fresh seasonal fruits except papaya and pineapple.

Do Not Stop Working Out: You need not stop walking, doing your routine work and basically being active just because you are pregnant. In fact, doctors say that being active increases your chances of having a normal delivery. If you are not active, then you will become unfit and that will give you loads of trouble while losing post pregnancy weight.

These are some of the ways to manage your weight while you are pregnant. Do these things consciously and you will be able to stay within the normal limits of weight gain.

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