ways to organize your wardrobe


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Jul 5, 2011
ways to organize your wardrobe

If you are a woman worth your salt, you are bound to possess an overloaded closet with too many clothes piled into small spaces, shelves bursting with bags or accessories and shoes littering the floor.

It is essential that proper care is taken while storing your clothes and accessories so that they last longer. The following steps will ensure that you always have a well-organized cupboard. Get started by categorizing all your stuff.


- Before starting, remember to make space in your closet and calculate how much space you will require for each category.
- Sort your clothes by type of garment or colour. If necessary, break sections down further into sleeve and hem lengths.
- For items like tees, sweaters and blouses, open-air shelves are more convenient than a dresser.
- Remember, out of sight is out of mind, so keep your regular wear clothes in front, and seasonal ones behind them.
- Neatly fold your casual clothes into a pile and keep on a shelf. Make sure the stacks are a maximum of 8 to 10 inches in height.
- Put the bulkiest pieces at the bottom of the pile to avoid an unstable, top-heavy formation.
- You can make separate stacks for your party wear, office and home clothes.
- If you have too many items of one type of clothing, say, different kinds of jeans, fold each pair in half lengthwise and roll upwards from the hem. Place the folded pairs on top of one another, alternating the direction of the jeans. This will prevent the stack from falling or getting bunched up in a drawer.


- These could include your office shirts, fancy tops or party dresses.
- Make sure all your hangers are the same size. If you've got a mix of wire and wooden hangers, your clothes will hang at different angles and you won't be able to properly see what you have.
- While you're hanging your clothes, remove dry-cleaning bags immediately. Not only do they trap a lot of air, but they keep your garments imprisoned with harmful chemicals.
- To prevent slipping of clothes, fasten the top few buttons of all shirts and zip-up pants.

Lingerie and socks

- It's best to store undergarments and socks in the top drawers, where they are easily accessible. Get drawer dividers and keep all your paired up socks in single rows on one side and your undergarments on the other, to make it easier to see what you need.
- Store your fancy lingerie well apart from the rest of your wardrobe, preferably in paper silk or fabric, else it might get entangled.
- Keep slips, singlets and camisoles in another drawer so you can grab one quickly whenever you need to wear anything under a dress or shirt, without rummaging through all your other clothes.


- Since saris are heavy pieces of clothing, you can store them separately in a soft white cloth or in special sari cover bags available in the market.
- Expensive silk saris become brittle with storage, and break apart along fold lines, especially the sharp ones that have never been unfolded since leaving the shop. Drape them on hangers so that they do not suffer the weight of the pile on top of them.


- Hang your day handbags on hangers and then place them in your wardrobe. This will keep them scuff-free, neat and organized.
- If you want to save space, place the smaller handbags inside larger ones.
- Expensive clutches and purses can be stored out of sight in a drawer because they are not used frequently.
- Try storing all your bags on the topmost shelf. This will give you a clear display of all your bags.


- You can invest in a good jewellery box or a protective zip case to store expensive jewellery, instead of just letting it lie around in the drawer.
- Alternatively, wrap your jewels in muslin and tuck them in plastic zip-lock cases.
- Hang long beads and funky necklaces on the peg attached to the wardrobe door. This keeps them knot-free and ensures they're easily at hand.


- If you have a pair of stilettos that's new or dear to you, and you have the space, store it in your cupboard inside a clear plastic shoebox. This will keep the shoes dust-free.
- Always store footwear at the bottom of your wardrobe, on slanted shelves or racks. You'll fit more pairs in if you alternate the shoes toe-in and toe-out.
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