Ways to take care of your eyes during the summer


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Ways to take care of your eyes during the summer

With the advancing summer, here are couple of points you need to take care of next time you step out in the sun...

-Do not forget to step out before wearing your sunglasses. Opt for one that covers the side of your temples. This will prevent against the harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun, dust and fumes too.

-Make it a point to splash cold water on your eyes at least three times in a day. This will remove dust particles that enter your eyes due to constant exposure to the sun.

-Do not rub your eyes with dirty hands. It may aggravate any eye allergy and can cause sties.

-If you are suffering from any eye allergy, make sure you do not sit in front of an A.C.

-It is important to limit the use of contact lenses in dusty environment.

-If there is any itching in and around your eyes or any allergy, abstain from applying eye make-up. It is vital to remove all traces of make-up before sleeping.

-It is advisable to take lots of fluids to avoid dehydration which indirectly affects tear formation.

-Use eye drops on a regular basis - but after a consultation with your eye specialist.

-In any case, make sure to visit your eye specialist at least once in two weeks.

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