We laugh not more than 6 minutes a day!


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
We laugh not more than 6 minutes a day!

Laughter used to take up about 18 minutes a day of an adult in the 50s, but now the time has reduced to no more than six minutes, a new study has revealed.

According to the study, Britons are laughing a lot less than they did 60 years ago, despite a big improvement in the standard of living.

Researchers found that British adults laugh on average just 7.2 times a day, while experts have said that 15 times is a healthy benchmark to being a joyful, happy person, the Daily Star reported.

Pre-school kids laugh about 350 times a day.

In a survey of 17 cities, adults in Norwich chuckled the least during the day at 5.4 times, followed by Brighton 6.1 and Glasgow 6.2.

By contrast, adults in Leeds laughed the most at 8.7 times a day.

66 percent of the adults polled confessed that they were desperate to have more joy in their lives, but said that issues like lack of cash, bad weather, work and family commitments prevented them of doing so.

"Laughter is an essential behaviour of a happy, joyful person and brings a wealth of benefits," Psychologist Anjula Mutanda, a mental health expert, said.

"We should be laughing a lot more than we are," she said.

Actress Barbara Windsor, 75, has backed a 250,000 pounds FUNdation set up by bingo website Jackpotjoy.com - which did the poll - aimed at making people laugh through wacky projects.

"We all know how good it feels to have a good old giggle," the actress said.

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