Wearing Heels during Pregnancy

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Aug 7, 2011
Wearing high heels during pregnancy is very risky. Therefore, doctors advice pregnant women to avoid wearing heels during pregnancy. Read on to know about the adverse effects of wearing heels during pregnancy.

High heels are not really recommended during pregnancy. There are several reasons for this. The most important one being – the entire centre of gravity of the mom changes as the baby grows. So maintaining a proper stability is very important as it is understandably dangerous for both the mother and the baby if the mother happens to trip over. Doctors advise women against wearing heels due to medical, postural and associated safety issues.

What do Doctors Say on the Heels?

If you go by the opinion of the American Podiatric Medical Association, high heels are permissible but only if the height of the heel is within 1.5 to 2 inches. Doctors worldwide recommend a pregnant woman to wear supportive shoes that are designed with a broad base heel, so that the shock can be readily absorbed. This is because a pregnant woman is carrying extra weight and the shoes act as a vital supporting aid.

Options – There are women who cannot “;live” without their heels. Women working in the media industry or show business find it extremely difficult to step out without their favourite pair of heels. But when you are pregnant, doctors advise that you at least a spare pair in your car. They should be a comfortable pair of sneakers or shoes so that you can readily change on to the low heel pair once your ‘appearance’ is over.

The point that needs to be noted is that high heels are best avoided and it is not definitely recommended that you wear them for over two hours at a stretch. So, it is advisable that you follow your doctor’s advice and balance the day as you alternately switch between your heels and flats. It ultimately depends upon you on how you would like to present yourself at social dos. Ensure your physical comfort and remember that you are also responsible for your health and the well-being of the baby growing inside you.

The Adverse Effects of Heels on Pregnancy

During pregnancy when you wear heels, your calf muscles are placed in a shortened position constantly which leads to their tightening. This essentially leads to the formation of the painful calf cramps. So the moment you feel these cramps, check your shoes.

There are ways to handle this by alternately switching between low and high heels. Follow your doctor’s advice and do the calf muscle relaxation stretches and see whether they help.

Heels also affect the posture, the pelvis gets tipped forward and this enhances the curve in the lower back. Remember, when you are carrying a baby, the weight of the growing baby is consistently pulling the body forwards. This means that it becomes all the more important that you look what shoe you are wearing. Moving around in heels becomes naturally difficult due to the above mentioned reasons. If you persist, you might well experience an acute backache.

Pregnancy is a condition where your body constantly adapts itself and its various functions according to the requirements of the baby growing inside you. This is why the body always seeks comfort and you can well do without pushing yourself into an undesirable or uncomfortable condition. Especially when you know that wearing heels can affect your body and bring in pain that can be well avoided. So get set to enjoy your pregnancy sans the discomfort!

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