Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Wife


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Apr 26, 2012
The World
Wife is dearest for husband in whole world and your husband is very faithful to you, you are luckiest wife in this world, wish you a happy life ahead. Happy wedding anniversary day

Wedding is a name of mutual understanding between husband and wife, the way you love and behave with your husband is really admirable, both of you are very lucky for each other, wish you a very happy moments and time throughout your life. Happy wedding anniversary day

For husbands wife is really very lovable personality, if wife and husband are faithful to each other than nothing is more than this, and you are having a very loving husband. May this wedding anniversary enhance your love between both of you! Happy wedding anniversary day

This day is again going to refresh the time of your first meeting with your husband, a very speculate and enchanting time and memories, may God keep these memories fresh throughout your whole life. Happy wedding anniversary to you

Nature is again going to provide you a time to remove all the misunderstandings with your husband if you have any. Make more love with your husband to live a more happy life than prior. Happy wedding day to you

Don’t try to waste these happy moments of wedding day with your husband, this is the day which will be golden time of your life, love him and receive love from him as life without love is nothing. Wish you a happy days and nights with your husband. Happy wedding day

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