Wedding websites fast catching up


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Wedding websites fast catching up

Shaadi jo duniya dekhi gee seems to have gone down literally with the youngsters who are keen to get a website developed when they plan to get married.

Right from the formal invitation card to the family and educational background of the bride and groom , even the beginning of their love story (in case of not an arranged marriage) is available on such wedsites nee websites.

wedding website is fast catching up especially if the youngsters are involved in the preparations. "Among the services provided by us creation of websites and live Internet display of wedding have takers who are growing with each wedding season.Since the cost of such services ranges between an average of Rs 10,000 to 15,000 so it does not much effect the budget of the wedding. Recently we had organised a marriage where after each ceremony we were updating the website by uploading the photographs of the events so that those who could not make it to the wedding could enjoy it's each moment," says Manish Srivastava, who runs an event management company.

It's varied benefits that certainly works in its advantage. "A thought which is echoed by Dr VN Singh, a medical practitioner. When my son Ashutosh and daughter-in -law Spriha decided to get married so they ensured that a website be developed that should have all the essential information. Apart from the basic information about the wedding date, venue and time there were details about the bride and groom including their
childhood memories.

Adding a more personal
touch were the rare photographs of the couple and also their parents.This was a welcomed by everyone especially the youngsters among our family and friends. Even for us the website turned out to be a great advantage. We merely had to send a link to those whom we missed sending invitation cards," says Dr Singh.
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