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Jul 5, 2011
When it was time for Pooja Sriram Belur to get hitched, she wanted the wedding to be as hatke as possible. From choosing a wedding hall that had a mandap at the centre, having no videographer to capture it all and choosing a video-sharing website to invite people — she made sure that every small detail was done differently. She is not the only one from the city to do so. Weddings these days are a platform for youngsters to show off their creative flair.

A VOIP engagement
Using the voice over internet protocol (VOIP) is not just limited to making cost-effective overseas calls or video chats these days. City-based civil engineer Manasa Vijaykumar used one such site to get engaged to her beau who lives abroad. "The customary way of an engagement ceremony is to read out the lagna patrike. At my engagement, everything was done in a traditional manner. The only thing missing was an exchange of rings. My fiance had invited all his relatives who lived abroad to his place to watch the engagement. He even introduced me to his relatives out there and vice versa," explains Manasa.

Video-sharing invites
Pooja wanted to personalize her wedding invite and created one using a video-sharing site. She says, "I used animation and caricatures and created a story board for my video invite. The entire story revolved around Poo and Bee, the first few letters of our names."

It was a one-and-half-minute invite in which we narrated our story and gave the details of our wedding." But wouldn't it be boring for people to listen to their entire story? She says, "That's why we made a short video. When it comes to such invites, you also need to make sure that you give it to people who are close to you and not just everyone."

Live-web cast of weddings
Wedding photographer Pee Vee says, "Initially people used web cams to telecast their wedding live. But now there are business modules that are willing to shoot your wedding with high-quality cameras and stream it live. They shoot the entire video and give an e-link for people to watch it across the globe." For Pooja's wedding, she didn't have a videographer. Instead, she placed cameras across the stage to capture all the fun. "We fixed the camera on either side of the stage and the video captured everyone who came up on stage. Though it was difficult to explain to people what was happening, the concept has brought more vivid memories of my wedding."

Are hi-tech weddings expensive?
Indian weddings are called big fat for a reason. But won't the use of high-end technology, make it even more expensive? Pee Vee says, "Earlier, capturing your big day was restricted to a photographer and a videographer. But now there's a whole team in place to get every little detail on camera. Today, young couples are willing to spend money to make their wedding memorable. They are not just creative, but also willing to experiment."

Wedding photographer Nishal Lama adds, "Weddings have grown over the years and you see newer trends coming up. These days, couples even have wedding blogs. Many are looking at breaking away from tradition and want their wedding to be rather contemporary."
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