weight loss tips for indian women


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Aug 22, 2012
Here are few tips

1.Eat breakfast lunch and dinner slowly.Take 20 mins because it takes 20 mins to brain that your stomache is filled.A kind of cheating the brain

2.Have hot water before half an hour of taking food.if you had any oily food have hot water after food(This tip will work if you had oily food in less quantity).

3.Apply moisturizer in body daily if you are in weightloss programme.It reduces stretch marks.

4.Sleep for 7-8 hrs minimum.

5.If you are having fruit juices have it w/o sugar.

6.Have 1 glass water in every one hour during the day.So that you can move in every 1 hour.


Drinking Banana Stem juice reduces tummy
Drinking Green tea in empty stomach is good for health and weight loss
Consuming more water melon helps in weight loss

One simple exercise which increase metabolism is :

Breathe out, Put ur head down (i.e. near ur chest) with breath hold, Shrink and contrast ur stomach, Breath should be locked and once u feel discomfort just leave and take breath, This will help to reduce weight as metabolism is will improve.



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Jul 26, 2012
Dear phonixx, there are lot of information available in Penmai.com as answer for your query. Because you asked for the tips for weight loss especially for Indian women, i am re-producing an article which I read very recently. Please read and follow which ever is suitable to you.

If you look at the Indian foods like poha (flattened rice), upma, veg stuffed paratha, idlis, dosas, dhoklas, dal, roti, sabji, rajma (kidney beans), etc, you'll notice that most of our carbo-hydrates aren't processed, and they retain their fiber, vitamins and minerals.

The primary foods that we use in India, our cooking methods and our food combinations all work together at increasing the fiber and the nutrient content of the food.

Hence restriction of carbo-hydrates which are high in glycemic index and zero on nutrient is alone enough.

For example - cakes, pasteries, sugar, alcohol, desserts, chocolates, aerated beverages, cookies and other deep fried items like samosa, pakoras, bhujias and vadas.

The best way to know that we are losing weight in the right way is to ensure that the weight loss is slow and gradual.

Also, the weight loss diet should comprise of right food items from all the food groups mentioned in the Indian food pyramid.
Eating right is the first step toward long-term successful weight loss. Dieting definitely means cutting down on the extra calories. But it is not synonymous with cutting down on nutrients as well. Hence the main step involves choosing food items which are low in calories and high on their nutrient content.

Diet Tips for Weight Loss in Indians

Some of the dietary tips for weight loss in Indians include:
  1. Eating in moderation is very important, this helps to keep the body in balance, and nutritionally satisfied hence aiding in healthy weight loss.
  2. Cutting down on empty calorie food items. i.e. the items which are high in calorie but zero in nutritional value like soft drinks, alcohol.
  3. Incorporating plenty of green leafy vegetables and fruits in the diet will give vitamins and minerals in abundance and all this with plenty of fiber. Hence providing bulk to our meal and aiding weight loss.
  4. It takes 20 minutes for the brain to realize that our stomach is full. So if we simply extend the time of a meal, we will end up eating food in the right quantity according to the requirement of the body. Or else we can simply add salads and soups to every meal, and start the meal with these two items, finish them and then jump on the actual meal.
  5. Drinking 2-3 glasses of water just before the meal curbs appetite is a commonly followed myth. This is entirely wrong. Water has high mobility inside the body, it quickly moves to the intestine leaving the stomach empty again. Hence this practice should be stopped.
  6. Proteins play a very vital role in weight loss. If protein is restricted from the diet, our muscle mass will be lost, where in the fat mass will be as it is. Hence incorporating protein through food items that are low in calorie is very imporant (example: skimmed milk).
  7. Fats should be restricted to minimum allowance but should not be completely stopped as they form an integral part of our hormones and their deficiency may alter the body causing hormonal imbalance, further leading to gain in weight.
  8. Plenty of fluids in the form of soups, fruit juices, milk, dals etc should be taken in between the meals , this will help in keeping the hunger pangs away.
  9. Simple changes in our cooking methods can do wonders in keeping the caloric content to the minimum. Baking, grilling, steaming and other healthier methods should be used instead of deep frying.
  10. For the best effect and healthy weight loss, you should always seek the help of a professional instead of blindly following someone's diet or other diet myths.



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Jan 21, 2012
Here are their top tips on how to lose weight without sweating it too much. [h=3]1. Add, Don't Subtract[/h] Forget diet denial: Try adding foods to your diet instead of subtracting them.
Add in healthy goodies you really love, like deep-red cherries, juicy grapes, or crunchy snow peas. Slip those favorite fruits into your bag lunch and breakfast cereal; add the veggies into soups, stews, and sauces.
"Adding in really works, taking away never does," says registered dietitian David Grotto, RD, LDN, author of 101 Optimal Life Foods, but do remember to keep an eye on overall calories. And don't forget to add in something physical, too, whether it's doing a few dance moves before dinner, shooting hoops, or taking a quick stroll.
[h=3]2. Forget About Working Out[/h] If the word "exercise" inspires you to creative avoidance, then avoid it. Maybe the trick to enjoying a workout may be to never call it working out.
"There's some truth to that," Grotto tells WebMD, and once you start your not-calling-it-exercise plan, Grotto says you'll discover "the way good health feels knocks down the roadblocks that were preventing you from exercising in the first place."
So burn calories and invigorate muscles by beachcombing, riding bikes, grass skiing, making snow angels, hiking, washing the car, playing Frisbee, chasing the dog around the yard, or even enjoying great sex. After all, a rose by any other name ...
[h=3]3. Go Walking[/h] Walking when the weather's nice is a super-easy way to keep fit, says Diane Virginias, a certified nursing assistant from New York. "I enjoy the seasons," she says, adding that even when she's short on time she'll go out for a few minutes. "Even a five minute walk is a five minute walk."
No sidewalks in your neighborhood? Try these tips for slipping in more steps:

  • Trade your power mower for a push version.
  • Park your car at the back of the lot.
  • Get out of the office building and enjoy walking meetings.
  • Sweep the drive or rake the leaves instead of using a leaf-blower.
  • Get off the bus a few stops earlier.
  • Hike the mall, being sure to hit all the levels.
  • Take the stairs every chance you get.
  • Sign up for charity walks.
  • Crank the music and get your heart rate up the next time you mop or vacuum.
It all adds up. If you walk twice a day for 10 minutes and try a few of these tips, you may find yourself with a low-impact, 30-minute workout easily tucked under your belt.

[h=3]4. Lighten the Foods You Already Love[/h] One of the easiest ways to cut back without feeling denied is to switch to lower-calorie versions of the foods you crave. A pizza tastes just as good with reduced-fat cheese, and when you garnish low-fat ice cream with your favorite toppers, who notices those missing calories?
And while you're trimming fat calories, keep an eye on boosting fiber, suggests registered dietitian Elaine Magee, RD, MPH, author of Tell Me What to Eat If I Suffer From Heart Disease and Food Synergy.
Fiber helps you feel satisfied longer, so while you lighten family favorites, you can easily amp up the fiber by adding a cup of whole wheat flour to your pizza dough, or toss a handful of red bell peppers on the pie.
Don't forget to lighten the drinks going with that meal. Try switching from high-calorie favorites to diet soda or light beer, or maybe add a spritz of seltzer to your wine.
Hate low-cal drinks? Mix your preferred drinks with a splash of the low-cal option, then increase the ratio as your taste buds adjust. And don't forget to keep pouring that ultimate beverage, says Magee: water!
[h=3]5. Because Hydration Helps -- Really![/h] Down some water before a meal and you won't feel so famished, says David Anthony, an information technology consultant from Atlanta. "Drinking a glass of water before a meal helps me watch what I eat. … I don't just hog everything, since I'm not so hungry."
Magee, who also writes the "Healthy Recipe Doctor" blog for WebMD, adds that for the compulsive snacker it's a great idea to keep no-calorie beverages at hand "as a way to keep your mouth busy and less likely to snack on junk food."
Going to a party? Grab a low-cal drink in one hand and keep it there. Not only does it make it harder to graze the buffet, but you'll also be less tempted to sip endless cocktails, too.
Finally, keeping your body refreshed with plenty of water may also help your workout, says Anthony. Staying hydrated means "I can exercise more, and longer, than if I don't drink water."


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Jan 21, 2012
[h=3]6. Share and Share Alike[/h] With the massive meals served at so many American restaurants, it's easy to go Dutch -- with the dinner plate.
"When we go out, I often share a meal with my wife," Anthony tells WebMD. "We've been known to split a dessert, even a pint of beer. That way, we don't feel stuffed, and we save some money."
You can share more than just a meal out. Why not double up on a bicycle built for two? Go halves on the cost of a personal trainer? Maybe split a gym membership?
"When you're trying to eat better or get more exercise, you can be more successful if you do it with a partner or group," says Grotto. "The community, the partnership, whether online or in person, it really helps."
Twice the motivation, without twice the effort -- a steal of a deal.

[h=3]7. Tune In, Tone Up[/h] The American Heart Association knows what we love: television. And they also know we need to get more exercise. So why not combine the two, they ask?
Try dancing to the music when you tune into your favorite music show, or practice some stress-relieving cardio boxing when your least favorite reality contestant is on camera.
During commercials pedal your stationery bike, walk the treadmill, or slip in a little strength training doing bicep curls with cans of your favorite fizzy beverage as weights. Or get inspired to really focus: Put in a high-energy exercise DVD and get motivated by the pros onscreen.
It doesn't matter exactly what you do, so long as you're up and active. Aim for at least 15 minutes, says the AHA. But who knows? If you get really engrossed, you just might outlast the last survivor.
[h=3]8. Size Matters[/h] Eating less without feeling denied is as close as your dinnerware.
That's because while a small portion served on a large plate can leave you craving more, a smaller plate gives the visual signal that you already have more.
"People go by physical cues," when they eat, Grotto tells WebMD. We know we've had enough because we see the bottom of our bowl or plate. "A smaller plate full of food just feels more satisfying than a large plate with that same amount of food on it."
And don't forget smaller bowls, cups, and spoons. For example, try savoring a bowl of ice cream with a baby spoon. Not only does the pleasure last longer, but your body has time to register the food you've eaten.
[h=3]9. Get Involved, or at Least Get to the Table[/h] When your weight loss efforts lead to boredom or too much self-focus, get occupied with something else. "I eat more if I'm bored," says Virginias, "especially if I'm eating in front of the TV."
So take a break from the siren-call of the tube, and get occupied with things that have nothing to do with food.
For some, that might mean becoming involved with local politics, discovering yoga, or enjoying painting. Or maybe you want to help a child with a science project, repaint the bedroom, or take a class. The key: Have a life outside of weight loss.
Already busy enough? Then at least eat your meals at the table. "The TV is distracting, and I'm just not conscious of eating," Virginias tells WebMD. "Once I'm at the table, with a place setting, I'm much more aware of what I'm eating."
[h=3]10. Lose It Today, Keep It Off Tomorrow[/h] Finally, be patient. While cultivating that virtue isn't exactly painless, it may help to know that keeping weight off generally gets easier over time.
That's the result of a study published in Obesity Research, where researchers found that for people who had lost at least 30 pounds -- and kept it off for at least two years -- maintaining that weight loss required less effort as time went on.
So if you crave the results reported by successful "losers" like these -- improved self-confidence, a boost in mood, and better health -- cultivate patience. You may find your way to sweet (and nearly painless) weight loss success.

[h=3]11. Bonus Tips[/h] If 10 tips for painless weight loss (or maintenance) aren't enough, how about trying some of these ideas from WebMD's weight loss community members?

  • Eat at the same times every day (including snacks). Sure you can't do this all the time, but some people find that knowing when to expect their next meal or snack makes them a lot less likely to graze. Our body appreciates rhythms, from seasons to tides, so why not give it what it craves?
  • Make only one meal. Instead of making something high-cal for the family and low-cal for yourself, get everyone on the same healthy-eating page. Weight loss and maintenance is easier when everyone's eating the same thing -- and you're not tempted to taste someone else's calorie-dense food.
  • Remember that little things add up. So keep eating a little fruit here, some veggies there, continue grabbing 10 minute walks between meetings. Weight loss is a journey guided by your unique needs, so hook into what works for you -- and do it!

source:Easy Weight Loss Tips: 10 Painless Ways to Lose Weight
Apr 9, 2014
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