Weight management diets for south indian people

Nov 28, 2012
When i was search for weight loss, here i found a success story from rakhi in a site forumhub, and happy to share with you all friends who are all trying to lose weight.

Recently I lost about more than 35 kilos.If anyone want the tips,I am more than happy to share.I come from South India too.

Well,here goes:
Only a combination of diet and exercise will give you successful weight loss.
I had to try several methods before I found an effective method.
I tried lowfat diets,lowcalorie diets and lowcarb diets.As a kid,I was quite heavy.at age 16 and 5'6,I was 65 kilos.6 years of college life and I went upto 75 kilos.during my marriage,I weighed 80 kilos.After I came to USA,my weight skyrocketed and I reached 205 pounds!!!!!
my family and friends told me I was built that way and there was nothing I cud do.I was never fussy abt any kind of food.I just didn't realize whats happening.Then one day,I saw some photos of mine taken during summer.I was shocked.Is this how i looked???Then started my frantic efforts to lose weight.
when I was in India,people convinced me that eating only lowfat or fatfree food and abstaining from nonveg means I cud lose weight.thats what I did for last 6-8 years but my weight only went up.then I knew something had to be wrong.

I did a lot of research on the web and put them into practice.
here's all those hard-earned lessons.
we all need energy for daily activities.we get this energy from food.
suppose a person needs 1500 calories for his daily activities.and he eats ,say,3000 calorie food a day.ie 1500 extra calories he consumes per day.what happens to the excess calories.It is stored as fat in body for later use.suppose he continues this habit for one year.ie 1500 * 365 cals are stored as fat in his body.This is just an illustrattion to tell you abt calorie.
you can burn calories thru physical activities .suppose you consume a 2000 cal. diet.
but you require only 1500 cal. of energy a day.if you exercise to burn 500 cal.s
then no excess calories remain which will convert to fat.

3500 calories aprox. = 1 pound.
so if u want to reduce 1 pound,do exercise to burn 250 calories everyday for 1 week,and consume 250 cal.s less food everyday for 1 week.lets do the math.
250*7=1750 cal.s
suppose you eat 2500 cal.s a day.reduce that to 2250 cals a day..ie 1750 cal.s less in one week.
total you eliminted 1750 + 1750 =3500 cals.
ie 1 pound in a week.
Cool or what?
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Nov 28, 2012
Everyday I went to Gym,morning and evening,and worked out for 2 hours.I did elliptical fitness,life fitness,rowing etc.
Its not necessary to go to Gym.u can walk outside if climate is good.but u must walk brsikly for at least 30min.-1 hour.
start slowly,maybe even 5 minutes and slowly increase the time.stop if u feel dizzy,fainting or out of breath.In that case,check with ur doctor.drink lots of water between workouts.wear loose comfortable clothing preferrably cotton or sweat shirts and pants.MUST wear sports shoes to protect ur feet.I started with 15 min.s and now I can do for 2-2 1/2 hrs,whether walking outside or going to gym.

Breakfast: 1 banana
1 cup milk
2 rusks

Lunch:3chappathis,vegetable curry

dinner: 2 chappathis/upma/rice gruel/sandwich etc

lots of fruits,occassionally non-veg food

I did lose 20 pounds by following this diet and exercise.I would suggest anyone having to lose less than 20 pounds to follw this.drink lots of water too.try to eat a well balanced meal.there is no need to deprive urself of good nutrients for losing weight.

But then I hit a plateau at 180 pounds.

I stayed at 180 pounds for 3 months.A plateau is staying at ur weight no matter how much exercise or diet u do.
I found out that I needed some more info and needed to change certain bad food habits I had,which was deeprooted in me from my family.
Nov 28, 2012
Most Indian people would frown when they hear the word lowcarb.I too was one among them.I didnot know much abt it and thought that it was fraud.until I found 3 of my friends lose weight on lowcarb.I just did some research on that too.I feel I found out the missing pieces of my weight-loss journey.:)

well here it goes:
there are 6 essential nutrients required for us from food.:
fats and oils

out of these ,carbohydrates are mostly the ones that give us energy.the same story goes here too.consuming too many carbs will make u gain weight.carbs are converted to sugar in our blood and used for energy.but what abt excess sugar we have.our body stores them as fat for later use when we require extra energy.

carbohydrate rich foods include white rice,wheat,all types of grains,starchy fruits and veggies,all kinds of sweets,sugar,desserts,soft drinks etc.
in my family,we ate a lot of white rice flour and white rice.breakfasts were mostly made of rice flour,lunch and dinner was rice,evening snacks with maida and sugar.and to top all that ,I ate large portions also.my beleif was that unless they do not contain oil or nonveg,it was safe to eat them.
I changed my diet to a combination of lowcarb,low calorie diet,and continued with exercise.I lost the rest of my weightin a couple of months,and achieved my ideal weight.my size was 16 previously,now it is 4/6.I used to shop in extra size shops,now I need to go to Juniors section to get Tshirts!all my physical probls. like leg pain,fatigue etc have reduced.People don't realize me now.I feel so happy abt myself.at the same time,i never want to go back to my previous weight again.

my lowcarb diet consisted of a combo of Atkins,south beach and Zone.don't mistake me,i wasn't eating tons of cheese and bacon.I don't like both these foods,anyway.there are many good points in these diets(alongwith bad ones).we need to take all good aspects and discard bad ones.thats what we Indians do ,right.

I am a big fan of sweets,esp.cake.I cannot go a day without sweets.but while on diet,I never touched them.if I can do that,anybody can lose weight.

These are some tips from me:
if u think u need to lose weight,first plan properly.take measurements of ur height and weight.see how much u should be ideally.
another way is to calculate your BMI.ideally we should be between 20 and 25.
once u decide what weight u should be,set your mind to achieve that.u are more likely to succed.

2.exercise is a must.do at least 1/2 hr.when u start losing weight and feel better,u will want to increase the time.pls don't overdo it.like exercising even when u are sick.
listen to ur body.

3.avoid or cut down these foods:
enriched flours
bleached flours
store bought condiments like ketchups,sauces etc
too much sugar
too sugary fruits(watermelon,banana..)
too starchy veggies(potatoes..)
restuarant foods like burger,muffins etc

include these foods in ur diet:
whole grains
fresh fruits
fresh veggies
leafy veggies
white meat
occassional red meat(if u really want them)

4.drink 64 ounces(8 glasses) of water everyday.water helps in weight loss and u feel full, so u won't eat much.drink 2 glasses of water bfore meals.
5.when u feel hungry,snack on nuts,salads fruits etc.u feel full faster than snacking on chips and cookies.u can eat a whole bag of chips and cookies and still want more.
6.when u have to eat out,eg: parties,gettogethers etc. eat a small meal and go.when u are full already,u won't stuff urself at the party.I got this idea from Atkins site and it has always worked for me.

I am sure I have missed a lot of other good points,which i will add later.if any qn.s,comments pls feel free to ask.

6.some people ask me ,our forefathers ate a lot of rice and starchy veg.s and they didn't have any sickness.why should we cut down on them.
but our forefathers had lots of physical activity.they had to walk on foot or cycle to anywhere.schools and offices were few and far.
markets were also only in some places.in kitchen,they had no grinders,mixies,cookers,no gas.firewood had to be cut,dried and stacked up.
water had to be drawn from wells or ponds for every use such as bathing,cooking,cleaning,laundry,gardening etc.
there were no washing m/cs.In my grandma's place,they used to have cattle and they had to feed them and bathe them too.Just imagine how many calories they spent on average one day.
but what abt us.we sit on chair and sofa ,at office,or in front of tv.but we still follow the menu follwed by our forefathers.just think abt it.

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