Weight Training Techniques


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Jul 5, 2011
Increasing your weekly training volume allows you to push yourself to your limits, little by little. Before you realize it, you will be lifting heavier weights, running faster, and pushing yourself farther than you ever have before. This technique is great for weight training newcomers and experts alike. This article will help you learn more about helpful weight training techniques that will have you going beyond your breaking point.

When you slowly increase your training volume, you start off by lifting a small amount of weights, which is the opposite of what many people may think, is affective. Most people would suggest that lifting bigger weights would equal quickly building up your muscles but this is not always the case. If you slowly add on weights little by little, you will eventually be able to lift an amount far beyond what you ever thought possible. This type of training will also help you to avoid injuries later on.

You can start out by doing full body weight training three times per week. Each session could include five to seven exercises done in at least three sets each. Make one day the heaviest of the three, another the lightest and the other a combination of the two. You can change the intensity of these exercises by adding or taking away how many sets of each one you do.

By using this method your body will be building up a resistance with the weights. This will help to safeguard you against the heaviness of the weights. Your body will be more prepared to take on the extra pounds when they are added one at a time as opposed to adding them all on at once. This is also the perfect method for lifters who have been subjected to injuries in the past. By slowly working their way up to a larger set of weights, injured lifters are helping themselves work their way back up to how they were prior to their injury.

Exercises that can be performed during an increased volume weight training session include bench pressing, pull-ups, curls, squats, pullovers, dumbbell rolls, side pullovers, leg extensions and dips to name just a few. By slowly increasing the amount of times you do these exercises, you are helping yourself just as much as you are when you are training with weights. Starting out slow may not be the ideal choice for some, but for many weight lifters out there it is the only choice that they will recommend.

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