What Do You Do With The Oil Used For Deep Frying


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Jul 9, 2015
Yes. its not good to reuse oil for deepfrying.
I generally use once deep fried oil for seasoning curries/subjis & dals.

once deep fried oil should not be used again for deep frying.

My solution in addition to using the least quantity of oil:
1. try not to overheat the oil during frying. reduces the degradation of oil quality
2. if you are making pooris, dont use flour to roll, use a tiny bit of oil from the kadai. no charred flour at the bottom

3. use oil to deep fry only once. at the end, filter the oil if you have any sediiment - particles at the bottom, then deep fry a thick slice of potato (it basically cleans the oil) and throw it away. i use this oil for making dosas or for sauteing vegetables- like bhindi, tendli, etc which we season with andhra koora podi or dhaniya-jeera-mirchi powders..

4. golden rule: if you fry store bought papad, dont reuse the oil. it makes the oil really dirty.

My granny used to give some valuable tips on this..

1. Use appropriate quantity of oil for the purpose which it is used
2. Always use refined oil for deep frying and avoid Palm oil, which when burnt will make high colesterol.
3. After frying keep the remaining oil in a separate bowl
4. Use this oil for sauting channa dal or urad dal.
5. This fried oil can be used for mixing with Atta for making chappati or Poori (not for frying again)
6. This oil can be applied in the Idli Tawa before pouring idli batter in the Idli plate
7. This fried oil can be used for Idli powder for mixing who is very lean and thin. Kids can be given this oil, which increases their colesterol level.

This is the way i use oil:

Most of them are having Microwave nowadays,
so i do frying papad and potato french fries,masala groundnut etc using very less oil.

secondly,if in case i make bajji or some other deep fried food.
i use a small kadai with less oil,otherwise use a seasoning vessel with less oil(thaazhippu karandi)
If oil remains,i will use that fried oil in idly podi.(i filter and use)
add some oil in sambar or chutneys while it is boiling(not seasoning).
Remember i use very less for seasoning rasam or sambar or any other gravies.
But i add the reused oil while it is boiling.
I am not heating the oil but just adding to the food.
In this way we need not have the guilt of wasting the oil
as well as not reheating the oil.

The left over oil I use for seasoning, for dosais, etc. I try to make sure I use it before it really gets too old.

Saturated fats left in oil after deep frying is definitely bad. However, with the increased oil prices it also becomes unaffordable to throw it completely.

And i throw the non-veg fried oil as it is toxic.
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