What Do Your Wedding Colors Say About You?


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
What Do Your Wedding Colors Say About You?

Picking out your wedding colors can be tricky. Not only are there so many to choose from, but you will want to make sure your choices complement each other. When choosing your colors, your best bet is to stick to three.

The first color to consider is your dominant color. This will be the color that is most seen throughout your wedding, such as on your invitations, attendants' attire, flowers and decorations.

r is the subordinate color. This color should complement the dominant color. This color will be seen in most aspects of your wedding, such as in details on the invitations, table settings and some decorations.

The third color is the accent color. This color should blend well with both the dominant and subordinate colors. The accent colors will only be seen in small details of your wedding, such as flowers or accessories.

Choose three colors to help set the mood for your special day!
Picking wedding colors is an important part of creating the overall feel of your wedding. Certain colors contain visual cues that can trigger responses and feelings for guests. The dominant color will be the most powerful. Below is a list of dominant colors and their most common responses from Pantone

Bright red: Exciting, energizing, sexy

  • Bright Pink: Exciting, happy, hot
  • Light pink: Romantic, soft, sweet
  • Mauve: Soft, subdued, quiet
  • Burgundy: Rich, elegant, refined
  • Terracotta: Earthy, warm, wholesome
  • Orange: Fun, childlike, happy
  • Peach: Nurturing, soft, fuzzy
  • Light yellow: Cheerful, happy, soft
  • Bright yellow: Enlightening, cheerful, friendly
  • Cream: Smooth, rich, warm
  • Light blue: Calm, quiet, peaceful
  • Teal blue: Pleasing, rich, classy
  • Navy: Credible, basic, classic
  • Bright green: Fresh, grass, lively
  • Dark green: Nature, trustworthy, refreshing
  • Lime: Tart, acidic, refreshing
  • White: Pure, clean, innocent
  • Black: Powerful, elegant, mysterious
  • Gray: Classic, cool, corporate
  • Silver: Classic, cool, expensive
  • Gold: Warm, opulent, radiant
Knowing how to mix colors — and the meanings behind your favorite shades — can make your special day more personal and more vibrant!

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