What Happens immediately after Birth?


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May 21, 2011
Hi Kannamma,
As soon as you give your final push(normal delivery), you baby will be out of your body and doctor will cut her umblical cord and suction out all the fluids in the nose and ears by holding her upside down for like few seconds and taken away by ur baby's nurse for wiping the guts from her body and wrap her in a warm towel and will show you your cutie pie.. Mean while, you will deliver the placenta and they will check the five parts of placenta couple of times, to make sure nothing of the placenta remains in your body.. This is very important because the remains will cause internal bleeding and infection. This is your doctors and nurses job.

After delivery, your baby will be wrapped in a warm towel and will be taken to nursery in your hospital, where they will record her birth,time,weight and things like that, and also draw some blood, check for billurubin(jaundice) in her face and eyes,her heartbeat, bp etc. While, at that time you will changed to your post delivery room, and you will be in rest/sleep for atleast 3 to 5 hrs. you will be dosed off after a very hard work.

In case of elective c-section, you will be in the c-section operation table. you will be given general anathesia, so you wont feel a prick.. in about 5 to 10 min you will hear your's babys cry and they will show the baby to you and will continue doing the work as i mentioned above for your baby by a pediatirc nurse, and a pediatrician in the same place... Meanwhile, your doctor will also get the placenta out and check for its 5 portions.Then She will start stiching your and stapler you. After that you will be taken to your post delivery room and there the nurse will come and give you Pain medication in the IV and your doctor will come and check your incision. Then you will be dosed of for 4 to 5 hours because of anatesia and pain drugs.

After that .. Your nurse will bring your baby to you and help you in the feeding. Accept the help. She will teach you how to latch baby's mouth correctly. Otherwise ask your nurse or doctor for help.
Then you will feed your baby. and your baby will sleep. In case of c-section or episiotomy tear in normal delivery, you will have urinary catheter.... your nurse will check your urine concentration and if everything is ok she will remove the catheter, and help you with the pads for your bleeding.. She will help you in getting up and down of the bed.placing your baby correctly on you for feeding.
Normal delivery is 2 days stay in the hospital and the doctor will check your uterus is healing properly and your baby will get some blood draw and results and eveyrthing is fine you will be sent home.

in case of c- section, the stay is 4 days, after 1st day, you will be asked to walk around the room or that area. This will help to pass gas and they will check your bowel movements. You can even have bath int he hospital, as the water should rundown from top to bottom...
Only after you pass gas, they will allow to eat solid food or home cooked light food like idly..and stuff.. Everyday, you will be given pain medication every 4 to 6 hours and you will also be prescribed some after you are sent home. You will feel very down and tired because of your returning maternal harmones, sleeplessness, adjusting to the situations, pain you feel from incisions and from breast feeding.. So accept all the help you get and dont hesitate to ask for help... Do overdo yourself.. and take one step at a time...

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May 28, 2011
hi latchu,
very useful informations for all pregnancy women.... idhellam munnadiye therinjirukkaradhu avangalukku nalladhu....very nice latchu....


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Oct 18, 2011
saudi arabia
Excellent explanation lakshmi, thanks a lot pa!!!

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