What his cooking style says about him


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
What his cooking style says about him

If you want to figure your man out, all you need to do is ask him to whip up a meal. So, is he the reckless lover, the protective boyfriend or someone looking for adventure?

Mr Compassionate
He might be a version Bill Clinton or a Paul McCartney. Most vegetarians are usually concerned with health, environment or humane treatment of animals. So expect him to be warm-hearted and understanding. At the same time, he may be fussy and over-particular. One thing that is likely to put him off is food wastage; make sure you take the right amount of food on your plate. The trick lies in being casual and spontaneous while being cautious at the same time. And yes, you can certainly brush up your knowledge on health and environment; it'll help you strike up a good conversation over a lovely vegetarian meal.

Mr health freak
Counting the number of calories in every ingredient is what keeps this diet fanatic busy. His focus is on whipping up a meal that's completely healthy so that he can enjoy the food without the guilt trip. He is likely to have some insecurity issues or doubts about self image. So handle him with care. Be encouraging and supportive by not talking against his dietary consciousness. Help him in putting the meal together instead of suggesting modifications.

Mr alpha male
You may have heard, "Women cook, men grill". It's understood that men who love to grill are pretty masculine. Your guy is very confident about what he's doing and won't really ask you for any advice. You'll be impressed to see how he efficiently puts up an entire dish right from marinating to preparing the grill. He may appear the 'I want to take control' type but beneath the tough exterior, you'll see someone who responds well to praise. After the finger-licking meat, you are likely to be the next item on his menu. So be ready for the romantic ride with your man in the driver's seat!

Mr adventurer
The explorer types are open to trying new things, whether in the kitchen, on the dinner table or the bedroom! A watchful foodie, he tries to interpret exotic dishes he has had at a restaurant or a cafe. An extrovert, he steps out of his comfort zone to go off the beaten track. Be ready for excitement and surprises. This meal will be a memorable one, with a sensual treat that tastes and looks amazing. You've got to be quick and spontaneous to keep pace with this one.

Mr nurturer
He is the comfort food specialist who puts immense effort and love into making a dish. He'll do everything to make you feel loved and special. He may not put up the most nutritious meal but it will be the most delicious one for sure. You can help him set up the table or clear the kitchen but stay away from the cooking bit. You might just take away the pleasure he gets in preparing the meal. When it comes to this type, appreciation is welcomed. It can be in any form — a hot massage or a passionate kiss!

Mr carefree
He is someone who enjoys cooking but is too lazy to put up an entire meal on his own. Relaxed and easy-going in nature, he does take care of the nutrition aspect but enjoys the convenience of packaged foods. He may take inspiration from cookbooks and magazine recipes and add his own special touch to a packaged item. Extremely open to suggestions and ideas, living with this type is quite simple.

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