what is fallopian tube pregnancy

Dec 9, 2013
New Jersey
my colleague was aborted last week. when i asked the reason she said it was fallopian tube pregnancy. i didn't even heard the term before this. what is mean by fallopian tube pregnancy. how to avoid this?

since i am in TTC i am much worried?


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Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to Penmai...Shenbha.

Fallopian tube Pregnancy is otherwise known as ECTOPIC PREGNANCY.

That is, usually the embryo will be formed in the UTERUS for all the ladies.

For few ladies, the embryo will be formed in any one of the Fallopian tube itself. (there will be two fallopian tubes on each side of the Uterus.). Usually, the fertile sperm will move towards the fertile Ovum through the fallopian tubes, and they will form the embryo. This will later move towards the Uterus and get fixed there and grow bigger to become as the foetus.

Sometimes, the embryo will not move towards the Uterus and will start growing bigger in the fallopian tube itself. But when it grows bigger, it will not have enough space to grow. It cannot expand like the Uterus. So, it will surely burst and this is dangerous for the mother. So, to avoid fatality of the mother, this Ectopic pregnancy or Fallopian tube pregnancy should be removed immediately in emergency care, or sometimes it may get aborted by itself.

This will not happen to all the ladies.

So, you need not worry during this period of your TTC.

All good things will happen, and you will very soon get pregnant and deliver the child safely.

We also pray for it.
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