What is the hallelujah diet?


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
What is the hallelujah diet

The Hallelujah diet is a vegan diet, which mostly consists of raw organic foods and partly cooked foods. This diet is the basis of the Hallelujah Diet Program.

It advocates going back to the roots - something that the diet equates with the philosophy that God meant us to 'survive on raw foods.' Not to take away from the diet's weight loss goals, it considers this belief an optimum weight loss program. This diet was discovered by Rev. George Malkmus, who also calls this diet "God's way to optimal health."

How does the Hallelujah diet work?
If you cut out pretty much everything that mankind has created for consumption, there is no doubt that this diet will aid weight loss. But is the weight loss healthy or not, is the main concern. Daily food intake is limited to such an extent that the scarcity of nutrition and calorie content in the body can get alarming. At times, it might become difficult to satisfy hunger and cravings if one follows this diet strictly.

A typical day of the Hallelujah diet looks like:
Breakfast- Grass juice in powdered form and organic barley.
Mid-morning snack- 1 piece of fruit or 1 tall glass of fresh vegetable juice.
Lunch- Again organic barley along with a raw fruit or vegetable.
Mid-afternoon snack- 1 piece of fruit or vegetable
Dinner- Again one serving of organic barley along with green leafy salad. One can also eat one or more than one choice of these food items- baked sweet potato, whole grain or steamed veggies.

Foods not allowed in the Hallelujah diet:
One must stay away from sugar of any form, processed food items, dried fruits, sporty drinks, coffee, alcohol, hydrogenated oils, refined flours and tinned food items, not to mention the vegan nature that cancels out all meat and dairy.

What's wrong with the Hallelujah diet: For someone who wants to exercise - everything. This works quite similarly to a regular crash diet that limits daily food intake to drastically low levels. Aside from religious dogma, this diet is based on the theory that if you don't eat any kind of addictive or junk food items, then you are bound to stay within your right body weight.

Only cons:
This diet has received severe criticism as it doesn't promote eating from all food groups, leaving your body devoid of essential nutrients such as fibers and phytochemicals. This diet is full of nutritional deficiencies which might promote extreme levels of hunger in you leaving you physically exhausted. While this diet also advocates 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity in a day, we fail to see how the daily food intake can support any of it.

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