What is the Right Way of Washing Your Hair?


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
What is the Right Way of Washing Your Hair?

Most of us assume a very light attitude while washing our hair. To many of us, it may just seem to be some lather, some amount of fragrance and some hand movements. And we often take our hair for granted by thinking that "one-size-fits-all". This is the reason why, many of us do not bother to scan the market to find out the shampoo which will suit the nature of our hair. And product dissatisfaction sets in. Again, even if we get a shampoo of our need, then also we may not know the correct way of using it to wash our hair.

Tips to Shampoo Your Hair in the Correct Way

  • Begin by combing your hair to shed off the dirt and dead skin cells from your hair. This is a necessary step before you apply a shampoo.
  • Pour water on your hair and make sure to check that the water drenches the topmost as well as the deeper layers of your hair.
  • Take some amount of shampoo and dilute it with water.
  • Use your fingertips to perform a gentle massage on the hair roots. Massage in circular motion.
  • In case you are using an anti-dandruff shampoo, then apply it on your scalp, massage it and allow it to stay for some minutes.
  • Massage till a dense layer forms and then bring the foam into the bulk of hair on the uppermost layers.
  • Wash off with water.
Some Don'ts

  • Don't mound your hair on your head because this may cause tangles.
  • Don't apply shampoo directly on your hair. Rather take some amount on your palm, dilute it with water, rub it and then apply it.
  • Don't use more shampoo if you find that adequate lather has not formed. Instead add some water to wet your hair sufficiently. Lather will form.
  • Don't wash your hair with cold water. Rather rinse off with hot water, which works best on shampoos.
Should Your Hair be Washed Every Day?
It is not that wise to opt for a daily shampooing. This is because, daily hair washes will deplete the natural oils leaving your hair dry. Therefore, you should wash your hair after every 2 to 3 days. But if you have oily hair, then you may want to shampoo your hair on a daily basis.

Washing your hair with proper tactics is more of applying your common sense than inventing any new fact. It's your hair; you know it very well and should be aware of the Do's and the Don'ts. People will be there to give advices, but it's up to you how you implement them.
May 10, 2012
You should always start by brushing your hair before you take shower. First of all this will stimulate circulation in your scalp, which is what you want. Also it will reduce the number of hairs that end up down your drain and prevent it from getting clogged. Also if your hair is tangle free when you get it wet in the shower there is less of a chance it will break and leave you with split ends.

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