What makes a guy centre of attraction?


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
What makes a guy centre of attraction

How does my friend make women go crazy? He is not sexy, at least not in the conventional six-feet-tall, six-abs-owning sense.

Every guy with reasonable self-esteem has sought an answer to this question sometime or the other. Has that led to envy? Yes, it has. Any other reaction would be abnormal. The solution doesn't lie in becoming unnecessarily introspective. Eats up time. Instead, one would do well to observe what the object of female attention does: whether intentionally, or otherwise.

Here are a few things this centre of attraction is likely to do.

Talk less :
When in a crowd, men who stand out are those who talk less. And, when they actually open their mouths, they need not come up with one pearl of wisdom after another. But whatever they say reveals intelligence minus pomposity. Showmanship, girls just hate.

Make others laugh:
A man isn't attention-worthy if he doesn't manifest a good sense of humour. Girls like guys who come up with one-liners once-in-a-while. However, too many smart ones make them claustrophobic. Also, PJs are great turn-offs and far more effective when the party is a guy thing.

Not focus on his body:
Men who are besotted with their physiques, thanks to the six-and-eight-pack contests in reel life, make complete asses of themselves in real life. Girls may like decent-looking men. That is natural. But those who think that a girl will fall for them because of their preoccupation with their physiques are absolutely right: if the girls in question happen to have IQs of 60 or less.

Show he knows:
He reads, and not just pulp fiction meant to be consumed during flights. He is knowledgeable about films, and not only those that chase the Oscars. He likes music, and sings well too. Such extra-curricular qualities have been known to work with girls, but only if the guy is understated in his discussions. Pedantry and flashiness boomerang big time.

What does a girl like least?
Guys who flirt without punctuation marks. If a guy does not concentrate on his object of attention because of wandering eyes, he can be assured of a kick on his you-know-where very soon. The very popular guy you might have met could be a genuine natural: or, at least, puts on a very good act. So, you know why he scores and you don't.

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