What To Do If You Are Feeling Faint?


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
What To Do If You Are Feeling Faint?

They say women have a feeling of fainting much more than men do. Most men have fainting fantasies; they hope that a pretty damsel in distress would faint right into their arms and they would get a chance to revive her. But, men and their dreams apart, you can actually look into the scientific causes of fainting.

If you are feeling faint, then it is not due to your gender, there is a definite medical explanation for it.

Fainting suddenly on the streets or while driving can be fatal. If you are feeling faint at any particular moment then you must go into self preservation mode and do something about it immediately.

Things To Do When Your Are Feeling Faint:
Swallow Sugar: A sudden drop in blood sugar levels is one of the main causes of fainting suddenly. This could happen when you are fasting for a long period of time or just missed breakfast. How long you can go without food before you faint depends on your body's sugar metabolism. So, it varies from person to person. But, the easiest way to deal with this is to put a sugar cube or a spoonful of sugar in your mouth.

Salt or Salty Food: Low blood pressure is one of the common causes of fainting. This again occurs when you have not eaten for a long period of time. You may also be prone to low blood pressure. In that case, it is a chronic health condition that you must look out for. Salt as you know, increases blood pressure so, having some salt raw or eating salty food like chips or salted nuts could help revive you.

Fluids: You can often get a faint feeling when you stand under the scorching sun for a long time. Heat zaps the energy from your body. Passing out due to heat strokes is not uncommon. This happens because you sweat and the body looses fluids and essential salts. Mix sugar, salt or lemon juice or all with water whenever you feel faint after being out in the sun.

Breathe Deeply: In the times when women used to wear corsets, it was very common for women to faint at the slightest disruption. This was usually attributed to weak nerves but actually the cause of fainting was quite different. Clothes that are too tight cut of the blood circulation and thus reduce the oxygen supply to the brain. This makes you prone to passing out. So if you are feeling faint coupled with a feeling of suffocation, then breathe deeply and change into comfortable clothes as soon as possible.

These are some ways to prevent yourself from fainting. As fainting is both a dangerous and embarrassing experience, do not ignore dizziness. Do share your experiences with us so that others can learn from them.

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