what to do with my husband?

Feb 11, 2015
hi friends

my husband is lying to me very often. when he is telling about his family matters (about my inlaws) i can feel that he is lying. if i asked him about the matter again, he is giving an elusive answer always. i am very frustrated because of him. now i cant trust his words. what to do with him. i can feel that he is lying. pls give me any suggestions dears.


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Dec 2, 2011
Welcome to Penmai....Lalitha.

Please don't worry for this.

Few people are like this.

Many of us may have one or the other unwanted habits which others may not like at all.

Few people have the habit of lying for very simple things.

Few have the habit of exaggerating everything.

These people have this habit naturally. They do not do these intentionally. They can never avoid these habits. It is an inborn habit in them. They may not even feel the frustration of others due to their habit.

Similarly, your husband may also have the habit of lying for simple things too.

So, having known about his habit, now you may not take his words very seriously.

Whenever you happen to hear any message from him, try to get it confirmed from any other source also, without his knowledge.

You need not grumble over this issue and spoil your mental health. Take this matter as it is.

If you want to know about your in-laws or any other relatives, then and there , talk to your in-laws directly and know the matters.

You may also not reveal your husband's habit of this to each and everyone.

Try to defend him in all circumstances, wherever you could...like in front of your relatives, neighbours and friends.

All his friends may also be aware of his habit and behave accordingly to him.

One day or the other, he might get caught among somebody where you are not present, and may be from that day, he might change this habit totally.

You can try this also.

For very simple things, (only to him and not in front of your children), you can tell few lies to him. when he is expecting that, and finds something else in reality, you can tell him in a funny way, that you are also getting hurt with lots of expectations when he is telling lies.

If you do like this in rare occasions, he might realize his flaw.

Also tell him that none of his friends or relatives would take his words seriously or believe him due to this habit.

So, please do not take it serious and get frustrated. Try to adjust him.

All the best.


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Jun 25, 2014
hi pa ketka kastama than iruku. jayanthy sonnathu pola oru silar ippadi irukkanga. ungaluku marriage aagi evvalavu varusam aaguthu. aarambathula irunthe unga husband ippadi thana. neenga first irunthe ithai feel panninathu illaiya.

first unga husband solra poi-nala ethavathu prachanai varuthannu parunga. ungalukulla nadakkura visayangaluku appa appa poi sonna just like that vittudalam.

aana mathavanga sammanthapattu neenga pesum pothu avar poi solranga appadinu ungaluku thonina first athai confirm pannikonga. oru thadavaikku rendu thadavai unga husband kitta athai pathi thodarnthu pechu kodunga. mathi mathi kelvi kelunga. ithula avar poi solrara unmai solrara maluppararannu nalla therinchidum. poi soldrangannu confirm pannitteenganna avarkitta neruku nera kettudunga. ethukka intha visayathuku ungakitta poi sollanumnu kelunga. appadi enna avasiyam nu kelunga.

avar ethavathu ungalai point pandrathu pola sonnanganna neenga munnadi appadi nadanthukittathala than ippa ipadi solrenu sonnarna antha visayangalai neengalum mathikka muyarchi pannunga. oru vela ungalu in-laws illa avanga relation la yaraivathu pidikkama irunthu irukkalam. avanga kooda thodarpula illama irukkalam. oru velai unga husband avangaloda pesararu illa avangaluku ethavathu help panrarunnu vaiyunga, appa ungaluku pidikkathu appadinkarathala ungakitta poi sollalam.

athanala intha mathiriyana visayankal varum pothu avarukunnu oru space neenga kodukkanum. ungaluku pidikama irunthalum, avaroda relations illa friends kooda palakirathukku thadai sollatheenga.

athanala avar poi solrarunnu therincha therinchum amaithiya irukkatheenga. yena, neenga avar sonna poiya nambiteengannu avar adutha vara santharpangalaiyum poi than solvar. neengale athuku idam kodukkatheenga. neenga santhekapatta, athai ooralavu oorjithapaduthittu avarkitta kettudunga. avarkitta pesum pothu than avar yen poi solraru illa unga mela ethavathu thappu irunthalum ungalai mathikka mudiyum.

poi soldrathu appadiye vidarathu nallathu illa. ippa illanalum ellam serthu pinnadi periya problem aagum. athanala matha relationship kooda cut aagalam. athanala avarkitta pesi antha palakathai mathikka sollunga.


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Jul 26, 2012
Hi Lalitha, welcome to penmai.com! You have to wait for some more time. Your husband will definitely change! All the best. thank you!

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