What's in your gym bag?


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
What's in your gym bag

Going to the gym can often be a hurried affair. Besides going for the right kind of exercise, you also need to have the right gear or quipment in your gym bag. If you are working out within the confines of your home then you don't really need to maintain a gym bag.

Just maintaining a proper drawer can help carry out your exercise routine without any hassle. Similarly if you can stack up a some extra workout gear in a locker at your gym then you don't really need to worry about much. However, a gym bag must have a few things at all times. The first thing, of course, is getting your self a good bag. Don't go around changing your bag to often or packing your stuff in some carry bag.

A good pair shoes:
You must carry a pair of shoes designed for workouts to give you the best support possible during your time at the gym. Not just for being in the gym, but even when you are jogging in park, running on treadmill or doing cardio workouts, you should always have good running shoes in your gym bag. Also check with your instructors if you need any other kind of shoes too. Like you may need a separate pair of shoes for doing other cross training exercises. However, before buying your shoes, you must make sure that invest your money on shoes that are of good quality. Shoes of bad quality can lead to injuries during workouts. After all you don't want to stay away from your gym because of injuries caused to your leg or ankle.

Wrist straps :
For those who indulge in weight lifting, you may need a little boost in your grip strength for doing heavy weights. Instructors often recommend wrist straps for this. Wrist straps are useful if you want to opt for weight lifting exercises. So, even if you don't need your wrist straps on daily basis, just keep them in your bag so that you don't forget to put them in.

Gym mat:
Most people think that you need to carry a mat to the gym only if you are practicing yoga But most people, who are cleanliness freaks and don't like to use the mats that are available at their gym, can make good use of these mats. Also carrying your mats will help you add style and comfort to a gym area. The various kinds of mats include - weight-lifting mats, exercise machine mats, interlocking mats and anti fatigue mats. The kind of rubber gym mat you need depends on the type of workout that you plan to do.

Work-out gloves:
For those who find themselves doing a lot of pull-ups, bench presses, chest presses, and lift weights on a routine basis, they are bound to feel the need for a pair of exercise gloves in their gym bag. Try on the gloves and make sure they fit you very well before you make the purchase. These gloves are also useful to weight lifters, as they prevent calluses and blisters on the hand caused by friction from exercise rods and other equipments. These gloves make working out easier as they provide a good grip and extra support. According to experts, you can reduce joint problems that many people face due to lifting weights and while doing other exercises on machines.

The add ons:
Doesn't it happen often that you forget your bottle of water or towel at home and then get hassled before you begin your work out. Make sure that you always carry extra clothes, towels, comb, and a spare water bottle in your gym bag. If you have locker at your gym then you could stock these things there.

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