When to change your hair products


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
When to change your hair products

It may be a big brand that has status when one visits your wash room, but do you really need it if it's going to spell hair damage? We give you tell-tale signs that your hair product does not agree with your hair.

Hair loss:
We spoke to Dr. Sajal Halder a Consultant at the Centre for Cosmetic Surgery in Moolchand Medcity about how chemicals affect hair. "One of the root causes of hair loss is the use of excessively harmful chemical-based products ranging from shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, hair color, sprays, rebounding etc. When chemicals are used on the hair the protective layer outside of the cuticle is damaged and sometimes it could be irreversible too, making hair look dry, weak and lifeless."

Skin changes:
This is the last thing you want from your hair products. According to Dr. Sajal you should be aware of change in skin condition - "It is always advisable to stay away from chemical-based products by identifying cues which your body gives, such as redness, eruptions, itching, irritation, pigmentation, acne."

Lack of shine and dryness:
As Dr. Sajal mentioned, chemicals can have an effect on your hair, but not all types of hair. If you're trying a new shampoo your hair will take a couple of rinses to adjust to the new product, but if your hair loses the shine and dryness persist, it's time to change your product. If your hair is dry, remember to nourish it regularly.

Have an itch? Change the product. If you feel like shaving your head, not due to the heat, then it's time to exchange your brand with another. You may be allergic to an ingredient in the hair product. It is best to get to know your hair and what it needs.

Everyone hates it when hair is neither straight nor curly. Frizzy hair is unmanageable and hard to set, it has to be moisturised, but you don't want it too soft as to fall flat. Worst case scenario is when your hair product makes matters worse. It's important to find the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair.

In order to avoid hair breakage you are recommended a hair care routine. But there are chances that these precuts will not agree with your hair. It's best to test the products before going through with it. You really don't want to have delicate hair on your big day.

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