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Jul 16, 2012
hi, in early age white hair is occuring because of dandruff only....... suppose if ur hair have dandruff means first conrol the dandruff....................... olive oil massage is best for white hair control


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Jul 26, 2012
Dear Sir, I understand your problem. The hair has a tendency to lose its natural color with advancing age. It is therefore natural for hair to turn grey with age. But, premature graying can cause a great deal of concern to the affected persons.

Normal Causes for white hair or grey hair:

Faulty diet. A lack of certain vitamins and minerals result in this disorder in young age.

Mental worries and stress. Anxiety, fear and tensions, adversely affect the scalp and hair root.

Heredity. This is a predisposing factor.

Home remedies suggested:

Diet is of utmost importance in the prevention and treatment of graying.

Have a diet rich in vitamin B. incorporate lots of wheat, oats, green leafy vegetables, nuts and fruits.

1/2 – 1 liter of yoghurt per day is an excellent remedy.

Milk with 2spoons of wheat germ also gives satisfying results.

Foods rich in iodine – fish, carrots, and bananas are highly recommended as they maintain the health of the hair.

Supplementing your diet with multivitamin and multi-mineral capsules is also advisable.

Make curry leaves (raw) a part of your daily diet. They add to the health of the hair and revitalize the roots.

Massaging the scalp with Gooseberry juice and lime juice and leaving it overnight gives desired results.

Keep your hair and scalp clean. Wash hair at least 4 times in a week. Scalp hygiene will go a long way in determining the health of your hair.

Lastly, avoid artificial hair dyes. They do more harm than good

All the best. thanks


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Dec 6, 2012
Dubai, UAE
Medical conditions that cause grey hair at early age are B12 deficiency, thyroid problems and vitiligo. Check with the doctor about it. If you are confirmed by the doctor that you dont have any of these defects then you can carry on with your home remidies.

First, dont pull out thegrey hair since it will increase the numbers.
Before 6 months my husband started to get lot of grey hair all of a sudden. I followed a oil recipe and now the grey is almost gone.

Here comes the recipe.

Grind 1 kg of curry leaves, make it a fine paste. Along with it mix soaked and ground fenugreek seeds, 100 gms of henna powder, 100 gms of amla powder, and few sprugs of fresh neem leaves or neem powder. Mix everything together with 1 litre of pure coconut oil and bring it to boil. Once the oil starts to boil minimize the flame, once the water evaporates and the concoction changes the colour put out the stove. Let the oil remain in the vessel overnight. The next day heat it a little (since the coconut oil will freeze soon) and filter the oil using a cotton cloth or malmal dhuppatta and store it. Massage it on your scalp everynight and wash it the next morning. In a matter of 3 months you can notice visible change.

Note: The quantity might seem more but after filtering there will be lots of wastage and the quantity will be correct.

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