Why Do Men Change All Of A Sudden? - Check For Reasons


Lord of Penmai
Jul 5, 2011
Why Do Men Change All Of A Sudden? - Check For Reasons

Men can get really suspicious from time to time and women often wonder why this sudden change in their man. Is it due to their surroundings or their friends or simply because they wish to change without any reason. Researchers have come to a conclusion and given women their answer as to why they find it difficult understanding their mate's mind.

Here below are some reasons that a woman should know to understand their man's sudden change.

1.Emotional – A woman is always targeted as being the emotional gender. Men too have come under the list. Researchers have found out that an adult man has slightly stronger emotional reactions.

2.Loneliness – Every human being goes through emotional stages in their life. It is said that men usually reach out to others less than women. Most men are introverts who love the company of themselves thus in return they feel lonely at times and difficult to reach out.

3.Maturity - Psychological studies have shown that one-upmanship holds less appeal for older men. The change is likely aided by the slow natural decline in testosterone as a man ages.

4.Marriage – Women love to walk down the aisle in their pretty wedding gowns, start a family etc. But, men on one hand do not wish to settle in for this type of lifestyle at any early age. Researchers have found that infidelity is most likely to occur before a man hits the age of 30.

5.Fatherhood – Found in the 2000 study of Evolution and Human Behavior it is said that Fathers-to-be go through hormone changes-prolactin goes up, testosterone goes down-which likely encourage paternal behavior.

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