Why do people observe Fasting?


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Jun 28, 2011

The question of fasting is quite interesting and thought provoking. Some people observe fast and some not. Well, the choice depends on individual perception and religious mindedness. Here we leave the religious side behind, because there is no single explanation for that. On the scientific side, keeping fast is actually beneficial. However, there are some guidelines for it and some limits imposed on fasting. You must have heard about detoxification and cleansing process of the body.

Like all the other machines, our body is also a machine and it works for 24 hours without stopping and resting. All the organs of our body are continuously performing their functions of digestion, pumping blood, blood circulation, breathing etc. Do you feel that sometimes they can be overloaded with [COLOR=#darkgreen][FONT=inherit ! important][FONT=inherit ! important]work[/FONT][/FONT][/COLOR]? Yes, it can be possible. Fasting is based on this perspective. When we give our body a day's rest by keeping fast or eating some limited things like fruits, juices and no grain; our body organs find relief and gain their energy back.

Detoxification is also based on this. By keeping fast and drinking a lot of water and other liquids, your digestion is relaxed and kidneys get time to remove the toxins out of your body. In the ancient times, our yogis and rishis used to follow the practice of many days' fasting. Their stamina was such that they could survive for many days on water and some even on air! We can't follow that much strict schedule but, at least, we can keep our body fit and healthy by eating in limits and eating right. This is not always possible, as in the modern times, we have to go to the parties and functions to keep our social life active. So observing a fast for a day in a week is not a big deal. Our body gets at least 24 hours' time to be relaxed and toxins free. Fasting is spiritual. During the holy month of ramzan, it is a must for all muslims. There are some exceptions in fasting. Like it is not mandatory on children, sick and women during their periods.

For all those who want to know the benefits, let me also mention that people who fast are always benefited. There is no harm. This can easily be proved scientifically also. It is proven record that no one has got ill or sick or even harmed due to fasting. It is the cleaning system that cleans the spirits of people and as well the body. During the time of fasting, people are restricted to do many things like having physical relationship. Those who fast only know the benefits.

In Hindu way of life there are guidelines for human beings. Like positive thinking, not stealing, caring, non violence, adhering to truth and so on. Controlling ones mind and body is also important part.Fasting means one having control of his desires. Which is very essential for attaining the path of spiritualism. There cane be thousands of scientific justification. But spirituality says that you should not become bonded to your earthly pleasures.

When you fast, you put your body to some discomfort thereby accepting the supremacy of mind over body. There are many kind of fasting in our way of life like anna vrat, jal vrat, maun vrat etc. Really it is a vast subject and little bit of fasting will also make us feel the pain and sufferings of under nourished, under privileged peoples who go to bed without food and are on regular fast (forced by privileged people like us). The[COLOR=#darkgreen][FONT=inherit ! important][/FONT][/COLOR] resources should be distributed among all, but some people have amassed so much materialistic material that others are forced to sleep hungry. Lets at least pray that they are not on fast indefinitely.

Types of fasting:-

1.Total fasting:In this type of fasting people don't engulf their saliva in.This fasting is difficult among all and its very important that the person should obey all the rules for this fasting.
2.Half fasting:In this fast people just drink sweet lime juice and few fruits.This not much difficult then the above fasting.

Importance of fasting:-

Ladies and man do fasting because to fulfill their dreams and to obey their respective Gods.But the actual fact is that keep fast has scientific as well religious believe.The scientific way is that if the person keeps fasting he/she can dissolves its stored body fat,carbohydrate and protein by starving.In this way a fatty person can loose its body weight.

Religious saints believes that fasting is the way to purify our sole and release our negativity at once and enter the positivity to our mind.

Sumathi Srini
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